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Hey there cosmic kitties,

👽 Are you a kooky but clever soul who needs a boost of confidence or a bit of direction?

👽 Do you procrastinate on your (epic but scary) dreams?

👽 Do you play it safe cos you’re worried about what the world thinks?

👽 BUT you know you have a wildfire inside of you that needs to be unleashed?

Ellie Rose of UFOROSE

If so, I CAN HELP!

I’m not just an astrologer, but a gal who’s been to hell and back (I’ve even got the t-shirt) to try and “find myself”.

But what the heck does “finding yourself” even entail, you may ask?

Finding yourself is wading through shit jobs and shit relationships, moving around the world in search of something you could find on your doorstep, delving into your psyche and finding all the past crap that still affects you today. It’s recognising your power, as well as what makes you cower in terror – then embracing it all with a head held high and a bucket load of acceptance.

This comes at a price of course. Finding a path that makes you sing and doing only what aligns with your soul is what others deem “selfish” or “naive” or (my personal bugaboo) “IMPOSSIBLE” (no no noooo).

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. But it’s so goddam hard to do alone.

If you’re the hero or heroine of the saga, I’m the quirky looking elf with a bag full of rare items and a riddle or two that can help you on your quest.

And while I don’t have a skeleton key or magical swords and elixirs, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve:

Astrology training / mindset hacking knowhow / tarot and symbolism smarts / an online freelance career I built myself / an English degree (pfft, that one’s useless) / reiki II / some intermittent but on-point psychic ability / pages and pages of dream analysis / a passport full of stamps / a working class background complete with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll / teaching experience / an obsession with Jungian psychology / a sense of humour (who me?!) / a super strong bullshit detector / and a partridge in a pear tree… oh wait, that’s a pen. I also have a pen.

**A wild Ellie appears: “It’s dangerous to go alone – take this:”

Here’s what I got for you:

UFOROSE fullmoon

Off like a Rocket

1x Session

We can look at your birth chart and talk astrology, ask the tarot cards or just have a one-to-one coaching chat about anything going on for you right now, whether that’s your life, love, your business or just cos you’re curious and want to level up in the self-knowledge department. This session is tailored to you and your needs. Let’s bust some blocks and light some fires under your feet!

60mins | Skype

Work with me:

Shoot for the Moon

6x Sessions (get one free!)

I’m at your service for 6 whole hours! Imagine what we can do?! If you need some longer-term support to get through a crisis or build a business, or you just fancy some good old moral support and self-improvement that is 110% tailored to you and your needs, this is the one for you. We can talk astrology, tarot, mindset, love, biz or anything you need help with. I’m here for you!

I suggest scheduling these once a week or fortnight for consistent results.

60mins | Skype

Work with me:

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