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Hey there cosmic kitties,

👽 Are you a kooky but clever soul who needs a boost of confidence or a bit of direction?

👽 Do you procrastinate on your (epic but scary) dreams?

👽 Are you confused about life, love and how to actually get what you want?

👽 Maybe you don’t even know what you want right now, and in need of a breakthrough?

I’m Ellie Rose and I’m an energy reader. Astrology and tarot are my tools of the trade and I use them to help people figure out what to do in a certain situation.

Most of the folk that ask me to read are dealing with confusion in their love lives, their careers, their path in life, and nearly all of them know they have to make a choice, they just don’t know how. When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, I’m your gal, I can tell you how to climb the rock and why the hard place is so hard.


With energy reading, we can cut through the crap of confusion and clearly see things that might have been a little hazy before.

Starting with tarot, we outline the problem. What’s happening and why? How you might be blocking the good stuff and what direction each choice will take you in. Then we look at your birthchart to see why you’re dealing with this particular issue and how it fits in the bigger picture of your soul’s evolution – big stuff but delivered in a practical way that you can actually use.

Being a lifelong chronic decision-maker myself (Mercury and Venus in Libra – the struggle is real), I know all the pitfalls of overthinking, weighing up options until we’re fed up and ready to give up!

That’s why having someone look at your situation from an intuitive perspective can unlock all the goodies that life is trying to offer you. The energies are trying to guide you a certain way, all the struggles and hurdles and annoying pitfalls are there for a reason – let’s find out what that is exactly.


So here’s what I can do for you:

Skype Consultation

Let’s take a look at what the energies advise! I’ll analyse your birthchart beforehand then we’ll have a one-on-one coaching session using astrology, tarot cards and some good old fashioned coaching advice to figure out what the issue is and why you’re stuck. We’ll talk about your mindset, current astrological transits, your blocks and obstacles and how you can maximise your strengths to actually get what you want.

**If you want to include chart synastry (a comparison with someone else’s birthchart) select the option on the paypal selection below.

60mins | Skype

Once you’ve paid, I’ll email you to arrange a time and date that suits you so make sure to include your email address, as well as your date, time and place of birth.

Astro-tarot sessions:

Video Tarot Reading

I read tarot for lovers on YouTube in a special technique that allows me to see the way two people’s energies work together. I ask what’s going on for this couple, how they feel about each other, what subconscious blocks are preventing this couple from union and what they can do to improve their relationship with each other, as well as themselves.

I can also read for two non-romance related options – e.g. two career paths or jobs and two choices in whatever area of life you need guidance in.

15-20mins | Private YouTube video link

Once you’ve paid, I’ll upload your video reading to YouTube within 48hrs of payment (excluding weekends) and email you the private link. Make sure to include your email address, a brief description of your situation and any astrological information for you and the other person, e.g. their time, date and place of birth or just Sun sign if that’s all you have.

YouTube tarot readings

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