Venus in Scorpio: Trust in Your Love

Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow and relationships take on a deep and dark quality. Can you trust the depths of the unknown and give yourself up to the abyss of love?

“Flames so hot that they turn blue
Palms reflecting in your eyes, like an endless summer
That’s the way I feel for you
If time stood still I’d take this moment
Make it last forever”

The depths of love

Love is terrifying. There I said it. Love is the single most debilitating emotion we will ever feel, more than sadness, more than grief, love has the ability to completely destroy us, while being the most incredible magical thing that we all want, need and always desire more of.

So, why is it so hard to love without fear?

Expressing our love is a delicate process – what if we underexpress and the object of our love doesn’t realise our feelings, or we overgive and scare them away? It’s a fine line, and one that shouldn’t exist.

We want to receive love, but we’re reluctant to fully give it. How can we expect to receive what we’re not willing to risk?

So many of us are scared of what might happen if we allow ourselves to feel all the love we have inside. Every single drop.

And to express every inch of that heaving love is to make ourselves vulnerable to rejection.

Whether that’s telling someone you love them for the first time, reconnecting with an old friend, accepting an enemy, forgiving a family member, or just trusting your heart over your head for once.

Really trusting in love seems night on impossible, but when we learn to let a little more love in, and colour every action with it, we can feel what true happiness is like.

The trust paradox

When Venus is in Scorpio, we need to feel that we can trust our partner, whether that partner is our lover, friend or relative, but trust is not an easy thing to give, because the potential for hurt is so huge.

Trust, then, is a paradox, in its basic form, it assumes that the other person won’t hurt you, but it can only be given before you know if they will or not.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them” – Hemingway.

But the reason Scorpio takes a long time to trust, is that the depths of its feelings are so vast, it fears the other person won’t be able to handle all it has to give.

Venus in Scorpio energy is the all-encompassing kind of love that overrides all other functions and transforms both for better or worse. If the other doesn’t reciprocate, all is lost.

“Your head lies, full of fire
I’m risin’ up, risin up
My heart loves, full of fire
Love’s full of fire, love”

The Scorpio in us fears that we love too much, and that the other will see all we have to give and run the opposite way.

But all of us have the capacity for this yearning, tumultous, everlasting love. We just have to let our sensible selves go, and dive on into it.

When we learn to trust

The true key to love is to throw caution to the wind, a la Lana, and just trust anyway.

Sure, you might make wrong choices, you might get hurt, but you will never know, never have the chance to experience the wonder, if you don’t let go and try.

Like the quote above, we never know if we can trust someone, so the only way to find out is to just trust them, and let the cards fall where they may.

This way, we can access a deeper level of love, one that was forbidden before, for fear of losing ourselves to it.

But love is never something that is lost, there is always gain, even when the object of our love is no longer.

“Life makes sense when I’m with you
Looking back, my past
It all seems stranger than a stranger”

The gift of unbound loving

When we take a chance at love, real love can happen.

When we are brave enough to be the first to open the floodgates of love, the other person can feel safe enough to do the same.

If they don’t, then you have lost nothing. You have gained access to your most human and most alien emotion. You’ve faced danger and felt eternity as the reward.

Not only that, but when you trust others, you unleash the power of self-trust inside yourself, and you can take that with you wherever you go.

So, love blindly this Venus in Scorpio season. Drink the koolaid. Trust where your heart takes you and don’t fear where you’ll end up.

Don’t worry about the outcome or if the other person feels the same, just trust them, trust yourself, and maybe you might open a new door of bliss.




Featured: Lana Del Rey

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