Venus in Libra: Softer Than Satin

On August 6/7th Venus moves into Libra – a sign she likes verrrry much, so ala the queen of love, money and relationship aesthetics herself, Lana del Rey, here’s my take on the shift complete with matching Lana gifs (I know right, incredible).


Beauty queen style

The pro:

With all this Venusian energy in the air, we’re bound to get a little boost in the beauty regime. No more pj days for a while (or if you do, you’ll want them in satin and lace baby) – Venus in Libra likes the finer things in life, not only from a superficial point of view, but because it feels good to look good. Who can frown when they’re feeling pretty and ready to paint the town cherry pie red?

The con:

Of course, too much focus on looks can leave us feeling insecure or overconfident, relying on our exterior to get our own way only works for divas like Lana, for the rest of us it kinda alienates people and makes us feel like a sad girl, so indulge in the pampering but keep it real too!


Life imitates art

The pro:

On that note, lets talk about art, cos Venus in Libra lurrrves art. I have Venus in Libra in my own birth chart and for me it plays out as a (sometimes overly) refined aesthetic.

I like things to match. I like harmony and looks that complement rather than clash. I like a distinct style to fit together like a brand. I also really like velvet drapes and black and white photography… you see where the Lana influence is coming in here?

For everyone else who isn’t obsessive with their aesthetic, this is a great time to get creative, as the planetary energies are encouraging us to dip our proverbial paintbrush into the world of art and style. Get crafty, learn to draw, wear something you wouldn’t usually, redecorate your house – you’ll find you’ve got access to a deeper creative well right now so make sure to drink deep from it!

The con:

Libra’s symbol is the scales, representing this need for harmony and balance, yet, as a lot of us astrology lovers know already, the scales can continually tip back and forth, weighing up options without ever making a decision.

So if you ARE redecorating your house, pick a colour and stick with it, heck, even pull swatch cards out of a hat, cos you’ll no doubt change your mind and be stuck deciding between “blue hydrangea” or “cashmere cologne” for all of eternity.


You’re how I pray

The pro:

With Venus in Libra, our focus on our relationships is going next level. If a special someone has needed attention recently, they’re sure as hell gonna get it now cos we’ll all be feeling a distinct need to communicate with the ones we love.

This is a good time for lovin’, clearing the air, discussing topics that might have felt a little icky before or just having a much-needed date night with your bff or beau to catch-up and share.

The cons:

Venus in Libra can give sooo much that it leans into co-dependence so keep a sharp eye on your own needs and make sure they’re being met too. Be your own religion. Worship at your own feet.

While we might love our dear Lana, I think it’s safe to say she’s not exactly a model of healthy relationships. So don’t follow in her subservient footsteps and keep your boundaries tight during this time, cos it all might get a little hazy!

Venus in Libra is all about “seeing” and “connecting” so don’t be surprised if you start seeing relationships in a different light (for better or worse), refining your artistic vision or connecting in ways that you weren’t able to before.

If you go with the energetic flow, it can be a profoundly beautiful experience, but as with all things indulgence – try not to lean into excess or those Libran scales will tip you right back!

Think “I’m already coolest”-Lana over “pretty when you cry”-Lana. 😉

Now go be your beautiful self – all the lights are sparkling for you, it seems.

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