February is the New January

    Since January was a bust and February looks ROCKIN’, I’m making a bold and outrageous move to celebrate New Year in February instead. Between a gorgeous Aquarius New Moon, a bunch of lovely sextiles and some stuff about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the population of China, I think I make a pretty good case.


    A Virgo’s Guide to Everyday Ritual

    What is it about ritual that we need so desperately? And I’m not talking about the kind of ritual that you might be thinking: all costumes and secrecy and dancing around fires and whatnot, although they can be fun too. What I’m talking about is the little seemingly meaningless things we do every day that help us get by.

  • Aries Season Springtime and Finding Our Flow

    Aries Season, Springtime and Finally Finding Our Flow

    Venus and Mercury have just moved into Aries, finally giving us the kick up the a** we need to turn our thoughts and desires into reality. This is the beginning of spring, the equinox, the time when everything begins anew and the past season’s sleeping and dreaming and planning is turned into action. The year begins now, I bet you’re busting at the seams to finally get going?


    Darkness, Myths and Rituals of Light: Winter Solstice + Saturn in Capricorn

    Dear mystical ones, I hope you’re having a fabulous Winter Solstice, and are winding down ready to worship the darkness one last time before it gives way to light. The Sun/Son/Jesus/Persephone/Horus/Baldur/Hestia will be making their way back up to the world of the living and light soon, but we’ve got some time now to set it all on pause (phew). We can nest in the darkness and feed ourselves up aplenty, ready for a new hustle in a new year – ohh yes, it’s finally time to switch off and celebrate. Today, I’ve celebrated the coming birth of light with a solstice ritual that I’d like to share with you: Just before…


    Do You Really Want Success? Your Shadow Says No

    For most of us, most of the time, we go about thinking we know our own motives, and consider ourselves in complete control of our actions, but the part of our mind that instructs us on a daily basis, the voice in our head that we call ME, is not the only deciding factor up there.

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