Pisces New Moon: Fog and Mirrors

    This New Moon is at 16° Pisces, conjunct Neptune and Vertex exact. Let’s take a trip through funhouse mirrors, where your own reflection is distorted and lessons come through the fog, only getting clearer when they slap you in the face – sounds fun right? Well, kinda…


    3 Ways Scorpio in Jupiter Will Rock Your World This Year

    Jupiter is now in Scorpio until November 2018, unlocking our deepest recesses and expanding our self-power so that change and good luck can finally start to roll in. Being regular human people, we tend to go after the same Scorpionic things – power, money, sex and wisdom, since these things all give us a feeling of power. They let us control our surroundings and allow us to reach higher levels of existence using outside forces as stepping stones. Financial power lets us have whatever we want, sexy power lets us have whoever we want and occult power lets us have it all, the secrets of the universe at our very…

  • What's Alchemy Got to Do with it - Robert Fludd

    What’s Alchemy Got to Do with it?

    Alchemy is a pretty loaded word. For many it brings up images of the dark ages; wizened old men trying to turn lead into gold, but this is just one part of a multi-faceted spiritual truth that has become murky and irrelevant, yet alchemy is just as important a tool to modern life as it was centuries ago, and it holds the secret of our own liberation from suffering – what’s not to love?

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