Pisces New Moon: Fog and Mirrors

    This New Moon is at 16° Pisces, conjunct Neptune and Vertex exact. Let’s take a trip through funhouse mirrors, where your own reflection is distorted and lessons come through the fog, only getting clearer when they slap you in the face – sounds fun right? Well, kinda…

  • 3-ways-to-be-a-modern-mystic-in-a-messed-up-world

    3 Ways to Be a Modern Mystic in a Messed Up World

    Living on earth right now is pretty hectic I’m sure you’ll agree, and more than ever we need something to get us through this crazy dark night of our soul. Which is why we could do with taking a leaf out of the modern mystic’s manuscript to get us back on track to feeling calm, fulfilled and full of zest.

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