Solar Eclipse in Leo: Roar for Peace

The Solar Eclipse in Leo falls at 29° Leo on Monday August 21st. The shadow side of leadership is seeping into the collective consciousness and with it, comes a call to arms. Will you wear the crown of peace, or will you continue to lurk in the shadows?

This solar eclipse aligns with the brightest star in the Leo constellation, Regulus, which represents a royal kind of pride, but also a turbulent and often violent need to be heard – sound familiar?

I’m sure you’re all aware of the horrific events happening in the States right now, and this solar eclipse in Leo is a big one for the US, since it’s the first time that this eclipse has been seen in American skies since 1979. On top of that, Regulus is conjunct Donald Trump’s ascendant AND conjunct his Mars.

So, what does this mean?

Well, for starters, it means that Trump is directly affected by this solar eclipse, and everything he does right now will be supercharged by this heated, war-like energy. He cannot hide.

And since Trump is the leader of the free world (whether we like it or not), and since what happens in America, affects all of us around the globe, this eclipse is gonna be dark, real dark, for all of us.

Across social media, people are crying out for change. The awful tragedy in Charlottesville has sparked huge debate, and many people are rightly using their platforms to speak out against the hate that has surged forth since the US election.

This hate can be seen as society’s shadow side bursting out into consciousness.

The darkness that has festered in the collective psyche is now emerging into the world, and the eclipse marks the peak – it is the time that the moon blocks the sun’s rays and darkness prevails, if we let it.

However, I believe that this can be a good thing – the shadow must become conscious before it is integrated, and the hate that has been seething beneath the surface is now coming out, where it can be fought and overcome.

Until now, most of us have been afforded the privilege of staying quiet and small, hiding where it’s safe and not wanting to rock the boat, but this eclipse is urging us to come forward and speak out with a roar that shakes the status quo to its core.

We are being called, as a species, to re-evaluate our position on what is acceptable treatment of others. Are we embodying the domineering dictator or the benevolent king? Are we on the side of the evil Scar, or the much-loved Mufasa?

We are being forced to choose.

Silence is not an option anymore and a new moon in Leo brings out the shadow side of leadership. We all have a leadership somewhere, at home, online, in our careers and relationships.

For some time, many of us, and especially those of us with privilege, whether that’s the colour of our skin, how much money we have or where we live, have sat on the fence, afraid that if we say our piece we will lose our standing, but this directly contributes to the problem.

As a white woman in a western world, I have many privileges that I am thankful for every day, and this solar eclipse is forcing me out. Out into the scary world of politics, where anything you say can be twisted and thrown back at you.

But if staying quiet means that I am safe and others are not, I will not do it.

I urge you to do the same. Speak out. Use your lion-like roar and tell the world what you believe in.

Use this solar eclipse to bring your own shadow side out. What have you been hiding from yourself? What thoughts or feelings are you scared of owning up to, for fear of being judged?

Use your platform, no matter how small, to challenge the way people think. Tell your truth. Be a Mufasa in a world of emerging Scars.

However, this bravery must come with honour. We must not be divided.

If we lead with hate for those that don’t believe the same as us, we are no better than those we disagree with.

Like a lioness protecting her cubs, we must choose love and pick our battles carefully. To protect, we must fight, but we must also lead by example.

This is a scary time, and I know what you probably wanted was a lovely fluff piece on how to make a new moon ritual or how to build your business, but like it or not, this solar eclipse in Leo is all about dominance, and what we do with it.

So, what will you do with yours?

How will you tackle your own shadow side? How will you deal with the divide that is growing deeper?

Will you bury your head in the sand, or will you face what is uncomfortable? Will you choose to progress against the odds?

Take to social media, your workplace, your living room even, just say your piece. Stand up for justice. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for those without the privilege to do so. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

This solar eclipse will feel heavy, it will feel drastic and we will feel like there is no hope, but there are always solutions, we just have to be brave enough to find them.

The time has come for us to roar for peace. Let’s do it together.

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