The Rhythm of the Skies: 21/01 – 27/01

First week of Aquarius Season and it’s off the back of a lunar eclipse, in Leo and square Uranus no less – change is afoot but, in our desperation to get things going, we might end up applying ourselves with a spade when a teaspoon is all that was needed.

Squares from Mars and Mercury to Uranus and Saturn, all in Cap and Aries, will have us attempting to move mountains, while positive aspects with Venus, Neptune and Chiron are quietly suggesting quality over quantity – a dainty little spoonful of something sweet always beats a spade-full of cement, right?

Reign it in a notch and put on the kettle. When the pressure’s off, you’ll see things aren’t as dire as you thought, then you can try some new strategies.

Thank God for tea breaks.


Monday 21st Jan

Happy Full Moon in Leo! Last night there was a total lunar eclipse, a ‘Blood Moon’ in fact – it was sat far too close to my ascendant for my liking and squaring my midheaven exactly – hence no post, only moping.


Today, on top of the lingering eclipse energy (which was pretty emotionally chaotic – some of us were high some super low), we’ve got Mars square Saturn, both in their home signs, making everything seem kinda difficult. Despite that “Monday Motivation” feeling (is that really a thing? Ugh.) we’ll find a bunch of hurdles to overcome before we actually get anything done.

Saturn is trying to make us commit and Mars is trying to get us going a bit faster – coupled with some emo energy from the eclipse, this can manifest as teenage angst. “I don’t waaannaaa” and “it’s so UNFAIR” (standard Monday vibes times ten).

You know the remedy for that, right? (come on, we all had our phase): Powerful self-expression. Music that makes you feel pumped, clothes and makeup that say “I’M HERE” or just holding your head up a little higher, even if your life looks like a trainwreck right now – and voila, you have your Leo eclipse energy living its highest. You might even feel motivated to do something afterwards.


Tuesday 22nd Jan



Your life is your art. Everything you do and everyone you meet are like brush strokes on a canvas that is you. The last few days have been a bit Picasso – ears where eyes should be and clashes of colour that pull you in different directions. Today is more like a Monet, soft and ethereal, it’s all about the subtle textures and feelings rather than the actual composition.

Monet painted masterpieces nearly blind. Mars in semi-sextile with Neptune tells us to close our eyes to the noise around us and reach within – pull out what you find there and add it to your art, your life. What simple scenes can be improved by sensuality over structure, inspiration over method?


Wednesday 23rd Jan




After the eclipse’s Uranus square, Mercury takes its turn, allowing us to see the lessons the Blood Moon was trying to illuminate. Again, we have this struggle between cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn, getting us all hot under the collar about achieving stuff – where there’s a will there’s a way, says this aspect.

Except there’s a few other aspects joining the debate. Sun quintile Mars says we can do things differently, in ways that are soulful and individual – the way doesn’t have to be the same as it has always been. Mercury in sextile to Chiron reminds us that those ways haven’t always helped us before, and semi-square to Neptune chimes in with a “fuck it, let’s all just go have a beer”.

I was never in debate club but I’m a Virgo so I gettit. The key is to listen real carefully then find a hole in your opponent’s point. This is mine: do what you can, how you can, THEN have a drink. Everybody wins.


Thursday 24th Jan


Let’s all welcome Mercury to the Aquarius party! The planet of thought and communication is semi-square Jupiter today, so this particular party will need some serious spirit to get it off the ground. But once it does, we’ll be throwing shapes and toe-tapping our way out of Capricorn season, into a new era of collab and connection. When no one’s dancing, it only takes one tune to get everyone going. What’s your fave party jam? Mine is General Levy – Incredible. Jungle is massive. Aquarius season is gonna be bigger.


Friday 25th Jan


Woohoo a trine! Cos we’ve all had enough of that difficult square business, the planets have gifted us with some TGIF inspired motivation to apply to… whatever the fuq we want. If you wanna play, play. Got things to do? Go forth and do em!

We’re finally realising that, actually, this life stuff isn’t so hard and we can hustle and flow to our heart’s content. Just keep it real, cos a trine can feel so easy we miss the potential to harness its power and ride it high over the wave of ambition. This one is a fire trine, so best to get your creativity on, go for a run, start a project or unleash the sexy beast within and hit the dancefloor – whatever floats your Jupiterian boat.


Saturday 26th Jan

No new aspects for today sugar plums! You can rest your pretty stargazing head and do whatever you feel like!


Sunday 27th Jan




Mmmmm Sundays. Finally after a week of “Should I? Could I?” and some ups and downs in terms of wtf we’re meant to be doing and what we actually WANT to do, we got a conclusion. Venus semi-sextile Pluto and Mercury quintile Mars give us a bit of genius power to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and see the picture: it’s mostly sky, no wonder it was so effing hard to see which bit went where.

But this is great news. With the Moon halfway to New Moon, we can look back over the week and see where we went wrong (that piece is clearly upside down – no don’t just mash it in!) and release all the expectations and headfuqs that Mars and Saturn and that bothersome eclipse built up. Now we can breathe, stick the kettle on and tell all our relatives never to buy us jigsaw puzzles again, we’ll stick to paint by numbers from now on.


Have a fab week lovelies,

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