Never Good Enough: Sun in Virgo in 2nd

    What the fuck is wrong with me? I just do not feel settled. Maybe it’s because I need to be working on something constantly or I tend to go a bit off. I’m not one of these people that can spend days lounging around without a purpose, I find it impossible. Even when I’m relaxing, I choose an activity that I feel will progress me in some way: non-fiction usually, or a classic movie I know I should have watched already, a book that will make me think, give me ideas for my own ends. I never just be; relax for the sake of it. It’s like I’m constantly running…


    QUICKIES: Leave Mercury Retrograde Alone

    **QUICKIES are short but sweet truthbombs to satisfy your urge in your tea break**   Mercury Retrograde gets such a bad rep nowadays, it’s like Britney circa 2007: seemingly crazy, totally unpredictable and everybody’s talking about it, BUT in my books, old Merc Ret (does that work, no I don’t think it does…) is actually totally misunderstood (just like poor Britters) and is really here to help us fix up look sharp.   So how the hell do we do that? Well I’m glad you asked, cos it’s time for some tough retrograde love:   🔥 Wake up: this is no time for sleeping and hoping prince charming will come…


    5 Magical Things We Can Learn from the Magpie

    Hands up who loves a magpie? These clever little birds hide a whole host of quirky traits beneath their flamboyant feathers, and some of them are just brimming with magical energy. If you’re into esoteric symbolism like me, you’ll know that every animal, plant and tree has its own set of correspondences and the magpie is a particularly powerful sign from nature that we can harness for our own self-improvement, whether that’s a little ego boost or a spooky prediction for your future… 1. You can use magpies as a type of folk divination. Us Brits have an odd superstition surrounding the magpie. According to a cute little rhyme (see…

  • Aries Season Springtime and Finding Our Flow

    Aries Season, Springtime and Finally Finding Our Flow

    Venus and Mercury have just moved into Aries, finally giving us the kick up the a** we need to turn our thoughts and desires into reality. This is the beginning of spring, the equinox, the time when everything begins anew and the past season’s sleeping and dreaming and planning is turned into action. The year begins now, I bet you’re busting at the seams to finally get going?


    Super Blue Blood Moon: Reclaiming Self-Care Sovereignty

    Hands up if you are busy with a capital B?! I know I’m not the only one who’s got tiny tasks coming out their ears and what feels like a to-do list that literally never ends. I’ve noticed over the last few days that not only am I chronically busy, but I also seem to put all of my own needs last, and not just last as in “I eventually got around to it”, but last like wayyyy down the ever-growing list. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty much never getting done. And when I say “needs”, I don’t mean nice things like: taking a luxurious bubble bath or getting my…


    Aquarius Season: Break on Through to the Other Side

    As the Sun and Venus moved over into Aquarius, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. The hype from Capricorn season got my juices flowing, but if anything, I went slower than usual, got less done than I expected and practically floated through January in a confused haze. It was only when I decided to meditate on the changing of the seasons that something twigged: it’s meant to feel like this. We’re planting a seed, not raising a tree yet. Don’t bloom before you bud January, from the point of view of the western seasons, is a time when nature’s groundwork is laid for future growth. Roots keep on digging…


    Darkness, Myths and Rituals of Light: Winter Solstice + Saturn in Capricorn

    Dear mystical ones, I hope you’re having a fabulous Winter Solstice, and are winding down ready to worship the darkness one last time before it gives way to light. The Sun/Son/Jesus/Persephone/Horus/Baldur/Hestia will be making their way back up to the world of the living and light soon, but we’ve got some time now to set it all on pause (phew). We can nest in the darkness and feed ourselves up aplenty, ready for a new hustle in a new year – ohh yes, it’s finally time to switch off and celebrate. Today, I’ve celebrated the coming birth of light with a solstice ritual that I’d like to share with you: Just before…


    Break the Money Mindset: Part Two – Don’t Fear the Debts

    Mars is now in Scorpio where it will remain until Jan 27th – the perfect time for us to work out some money mindset stuff over the financially stressful Christmas season! Yay! You see, Scorpio (and its ruling planet Pluto), rules money owed – so things like taxes, inheritances and the icky-feeling stuff like bills and debts.


    Break the Money Mindset: Part One – Feast or Famine

    I’ve always had this attitude towards wealth like it will come and go as it pleases, sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t, and because of this attitude, the money has behaved the same. Except that’s not really how I want my money to flow: unevenly in a feast or famine cycle that has me constantly working to survive. It’s exhausting.

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