5 Clues You’re Seeking Something You Already Have

    What are you looking for? Is it an awesome career? A love story for the ages? A home, a baby, a bank account, a pen? Are you looking for a pen? Cos that's what it feels like - this spiritual awakening stuff. Looking for something but you don't know what. Like when you walk into a room and forget what you went in there for


    Aries Full Moon: All I See is a Reflection of Me

    This Full Moon is all about illuminating our inner world so we can trigger change in our outer world. It’s about looking around us, at our relationships, our finances and our experiences and realising that we have the option to transform it all for the better, simply by creating shifts in who we believe we are. This is big work but I know you guys are brave enough to take it on.


    Autumn Equinox: The Gateway of Judgement

    The Autumn Equinox is upon us and once more light and dark meet in harmony, birthing days and nights of equal length. At this time, potential hangs thick in the air. We reap what we sowed, and the scales of balance are beginning to tip, will your heart be light with truth? Sunshine, gold and corn Imagine the year is split into four parts. There’s a dark part, a light part, and the two bits in between that help to transition between these opposites, we call them winter, spring, summer and autumn. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be welcoming in the light, if you’re in the northern hemisphere,…


    A Virgo’s Guide to Everyday Ritual

    What is it about ritual that we need so desperately? And I’m not talking about the kind of ritual that you might be thinking: all costumes and secrecy and dancing around fires and whatnot, although they can be fun too. What I’m talking about is the little seemingly meaningless things we do every day that help us get by.


    When the Universe Says No

    Have you ever had one of those times when everything seems like it’s going wrong? Where no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t seem to be working in the way you want it to? I have. These past months have been crazy. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong has gone epically and disastrously pear shaped; my work, my home, my relationship, my sanity. I’m sure you’ve been there too? Perhaps you’re there now? I’m not just talking about the little ebs of life, or the odd hurdle, I’m talking ground zero. Starting again from the bottom up. Where nothing you once clung to is safe, or even…


    A Case of the Uranian Non-Conforms

    I have a really challenging Uranus placement. I say “challenging” because, astrologically speaking, all challenges are actually a gift, even when its feels like they’re royally screwing you over. It’s not Uranus in itself that’s the problem. I’m a big fan of everything it represents – kooky crazy wacky old me. I love those Uranian vibes. During a particularly influential Uranus transit, I’ve been known to go full rebellion – dye my hair, start a revolution, quit my job… and that’s where it gets “challenging”. You see, when I was little, I didn’t much like authority. I was the kind of kid that was smart, perhaps too smart, and school…


    Venus in Libra: Softer Than Satin

    On August 6/7th Venus moves into Libra – a sign she likes verrrry much, so ala the queen of love, money and relationship aesthetics herself, Lana del Rey, here’s my take on the shift complete with matching Lana gifs (I know right, incredible).   Beauty queen style The pro: With all this Venusian energy in the air, we’re bound to get a little boost in the beauty regime. No more pj days for a while (or if you do, you’ll want them in satin and lace baby) – Venus in Libra likes the finer things in life, not only from a superficial point of view, but because it feels good…


    11 Ways to Boost Your Witchy Powers

    So you’re already pretty intuitive, but how can you boost your witchy powers to the point of actually manifesting the things you want? These are my 11 favourite ways to enhance your spiritual prowess and get you feeling like a goddess almighty.   1. Meditate This one’s a no-brainer. When you meditate regularly you clear your mind of waffle, fluff and ego babble, making way for clarity and connection to the divine. The famous magician, Aleister Crowley, talked about the need for a “united will” for magic to be successful and meditation can help you learn about where your will is divided. Then, once you’re aware of these deeper personal…


    Chiron Retrograde: Awakening the Wounded Healer

    Not another retrograde?! You may cry in dismay, but before you get your pretty little head all in a tizz, I’m here to tell you that retrogrades are actually pretty handy, and in particular Chiron’s retrograde period (till 2019!) is gonna help us to bust some serious blocks, like a planetary Pacman, eating up all our ghosts and helping us find those sweet sweet cherries. So, first up, what IS Chiron? Chiron is actually an asteroid, rather than a planet, and it has a 50 year orbit, so usually, unless it’s well aspected in our charts or we’re having a transit to one of our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury,…


    Why “Freedom” is Not What You Need

    When we talk about freedom, in these big lofty airs, we’re basically saying we want it all. We want to be able to choose what we want, when we want, but then we want to change our minds if we don’t want it, and we also want all the other options to stay open to us, just in case we do decide to re-decide, if you get what I’m saying here?

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