New Moon in Virgo & Autumn Equinox: Let the Lady Lead

The New Moon in Virgo and the Autumn Equinox fall gently this week. The planets are dancing their eternal dance and the message they’re sending is that it’s time to slow down and go within.

This week is all about winding down into darkness. You must have heard that winter is coming (if not, where have you been?!), well Lady Virgo is here to take you all the way down the rabbit hole, deep into your winter psyche, where she’ll leave you to be reborn again next spring.

But we’re not quite ready for that yet, our lady has some tasks for you first…


Take your foot off the gas

Moon conjunct Mars (Mon 18/09)

On Monday, the feminine Moon will touch the masculine Mars, bringing softness to an otherwise harsh and driven will. Time to lift your foot off the gas and let the Lady take the wheel.

Any projects you’ve been pushing need to slow down now, ready for their annual harvest, but don’t worry, the business reviews of the planets are always favourable, none of this “she’s a bright girl but she doesn’t apply herself” stuff.

Lady Virgo knows you done good sugar and you will be rewarded in time, but right now, we’re taking a gentle pause in reflection and using our feelings to sense where to go next.

- Jean Luc Goddard 1966
Feel your way


Check for repairs before the journey

Sun conjunct Chiron (Tues 19/09)

Once we’ve amped up our feeling factor, it’s time to shine a light on any processes that are bringing us pain. Tuesday is that day, so get your flashlight ready for a gory close up.

A Virgo Sun is constantly toted as the “prim and proper virgin saint” but the Virgo is the Queen of destruction, tearing down systems and rebuilding them with just a gaze. She sees through the thickest walls and finds every last piece of the puzzle. You cannot hide from her. She doesn’t fear the unknown, she seeks to categorise it and own it.

She is pure of mind and sharp as a dagger. You are too, if you choose to be. Don’t be afraid to look at your past pains, you can handle it. This work is needed for your survival into the winter of your psyche.

Pain can be pretty too - Lana del Rey
Pain can be pretty too


Down the rabbit hole we go

New Moon in Virgo (Wed 20/09)

On Wednesday, the Moon finally catches the Sun and a stellium is born. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars, all together in Virgo, supporting the Maiden in her mission to take us down into the depths of the Underworld.

Count your karma, chickadees, cos it’s time to begin our descent.

Our Lady Virgo is sending us within, her last task before she fades away with the harvest. Earthy Virgo asks us to tend to our roots, as they’re what are gonna carry us through the coming winter.

Over the last few rollercoaster lunar cycles, we’ve all been doing some seeeerious inner and outer work, but in the darkness of the New Moon, the Maiden asks us to show a gesture of kindness to our Higher Self, without expecting anything in return.

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve come so far – have you acknowledged all your efforts?

Ask yourself if your foundations are secure and ready for the coming frost? Did your harvest reap the results you hoped for? And if not, why?

In the dark of the Moon, the Maiden asks you this, but not with the harsh force of disappointed ambition, but with a gentle touch that says “you did good. Look at how well you did”.

Only when you trust her will you feel empowered to accept the many gifts summer brought.

Take care of yourself now, your mind, body and soul need to wind down and prepare for rest. Do whatever feels most natural and healing to you today. Bring out the maiden in your life and treat her with a gentle squeeze and a peck on the cheek, she’ll like that.

Witches love baths


Begin to seek the gold in the dark

Venus completes the Virgo stellium (Thurs 21/09)

Beautiful Venus joins the rest of the personal planets now in Virgo, completing this rare stellium and readying us for tomorrow’s Autumn Equinox.

Jupiter gently touches the moon then moves to oppose Uranus for the third and final time this year. We are saying goodbye to sunlight and letting the water of our feminine unconscious put out summer’s blazing fire.

A mystic rectangle aspect is created with another opposition, this time between the dreamy Piscean Neptune and the stellium of personal planets in Virgo. This little huddle of Virgo planets is the grounding energy we have needed in both our personal and collective consciousnesses.

Our awareness of deep-rooted systematic problems is coming to light and practical steps can be planned to ensure that we can work towards solutions and healing in our own lives, as well as on a global level.

We are all one
We are all one


Be still like the Hermit

Autumn Equinox (Fri 22/09)

Happy Mabon! Today is the Autumn Equinox and the Sun moves into Libra. The Maiden’s spell is finally broken – she hopes you’ve used her magic well.

Day and night now sit balanced on the scales of life and from now on (or at least in the Northern hemisphere) the light of the year is waning. Prepare for the inward months when the plants are stripped back to their roots and the cold dark seeps in. But remember that Mother Earth is only sleeping, never dead.

Like the Hermit of the tarot, be hopeful on your journey to the underworld and stay strong in your solitude. Be still and quiet, watch the falling leaves rather than trying to grow in the wrong conditions.

You are Persephone, getting ready to delve into the lair of the Lord of the Underworld. What pomegranates will you taste? What do you need to give up in order to survive? And what wisdom will you bring back to the world of the living?

Watch the flames of a fire and remember that the wheel of fortune always turns once more.

Happy Mabon beautiful ones


Weigh your soul

Mercury moves away from its trine with Pluto (Sat – Sun 24/09 – 25/09)

Since the Autumn Equinox on Friday, Pluto has been in trine with Mercury, bringing the archetype of Hades, Lord of the Underworld into our consciousness, but now his power starts to wane.

As Mercury moves away, and the Virgo stellium starts to break apart, take one last look at your unconscious and how it is communicating itself to you. With the help of the Lady Virgo, you tasted the forbidden fruit of the pomegranate, so you won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Lean into Libra now. The tarot card of Judgement. You’ll be weighing your own soul for some time to come before you’re allowed to leave the Underworld.

Come Samhain, the veil will become thinner and your second sight will become clear, but until then, rest your aching bones and embrace the deep plush night. It can be kind of cozy if you let it.

tumblr_ou1fj6wq3x1snusg4o1_540Happy soul-searching everybody! Stay warm and wise.

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