New Moon in Libra: An Alchemical Marriage

The New Moon in Libra is conjunct Uranus and Jupiter, giving us the ability to try new things and reach higher heights in our relationships, but first, we must understand what parts of ourselves are incomplete before we try to find them in another.

New Moon in Libra

When the Moon is new, it joins the Sun, creating a blend of light and dark, day and night. To add to this compound mixture, both are in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony and relationships.

This New Moon encourages us to find balance in our lives, particularly in the lives we share with others. There is light and dark to any relationship, and when the scales are tipped one way or another, the relationship cannot survive.

I’m re-reading one of my favourite books at the moment, Milan Kundera’s, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It tells the story of a Czech couple who love each other but cannot find the balance needed for them to be truly happy. One lives in unbearable lightness, the other cannot leave the dark.

“Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost.”

― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

All relationships are us trying to find a missing half of ourselves.

This half we seek can be mapped out by astrology; we are most often attracted to those with elements we lack in our own charts. In my own relationship, I am an earthy, airy gal, and my partner is all fire and water.

This makes for an exciting and expansive time! When two opposites attract, the goal of each person is to absorb the other’s qualities, so to speak, making them both into wholer beings. The alchemy of love, you could say.

But when the scales tip, problems occur.

In true fire-dominant style, my partner loves to escape responsibility and throw caution to the wind on adventures that last a lifetime. I’ve definitely been in need of that certain joy de vive, and have, over time, learnt the skill of play, but I also need earthy practicality, ambition and self-dependency, which doesn’t have the same allure to the fiery joy of a Sagitarrian wanderer.

This can lead to boredom on his part and irritability on mine (as I’m sure you fellow earth/fire folk can empathise)!

What combines so well, on the one hand, teaching us skills that we didn’t previously have, on the other, means that we must keep tipping back and forth until a compromise is had, and just like all real relationships, sometimes our differences are enough to jeopardise that compromise and cause an angry rocking of the scales, or a stalemate where movement in one direction or the other becomes impossible.

I prefer Rome.


So, how do we keep the scales balanced?

This New Moon in Libra could help. Both the Sun and Moon are opposite Uranus right now, giving us a new direction to pursue. Perhaps, what we’re looking for is not one thing or the other. Perhaps it is something different entirely.

In the ancient practice of alchemy, two substances would be combined to create a different third substance. The compound is both its two original ingredients, and something else completely.

Just like in baking, once you’ve mixed the eggs and flour, you can’t get them back into their original forms, relationships change both people into something a little different, like each other but also something new.

Uranus encourages this new. Neither person should ever be entirely changed by another, but of course, we take on their qualities that we desire. Me becoming more spontaneous and carefree, him learning to ground those qualities in something solid and real.

Opposites attract.

What qualities do you lack?

What do you need to become whole?

Just as the alchemists weren’t really talking about gold and lead, so the stars aren’t really talking about orbits and events. They point to something within us, and the people we choose to nurture relationships with, while undoubtedly important, reflect something within us too.

The reason we seek our opposite, is because this is what we need to become whole.

With Uranus encouraging us to think outside the box, we can start to find out what that is exactly. One way of doing this is to think of all the qualities we value but don’t ascribe to ourselves.

We can also think about all the qualities we like in others. Then we must cultivate this in ourselves.

Relationships are wonderful, vital things that we both want and need for our human survival, but they are also proxies for our own enlightenment.

The love we seek is the very same thing that we need to become whole, but it doesn’t have to be found in another, and in fact, it all works far better when we find it inside ourselves first.

Finding what we need in ourself first

This all may sound really insular and maybe even a bit lonely, but au contraire my friend.

This fusing of souls that happens when two opposites connect and conjoin can be all the more powerful when both parties are closer to wholeness.

When you’ve already found the missing parts inside yourself (or at least some of them!) you have more to give to the other person, and less need to take from them.

When you both have already begun to heal your dark side and balance your light side, there is more room for the new, and less angry tipping of scales or stagnant stalemate power plays.

Both parties already have everything they need, and so something new can be created. Just like the alchemists suspected.

Find yourself before you find somebody else.

And one last thing to add to the mix!

Jupiter is also conjunct this union of the Sun and Moon in Libra (albeit by a loose 5.5° orb), giving us a much-needed lift towards the heavens.

Jupiter only recently moved into Scorpio, taking on the powerful characteristics of sex, death and money, but as the representative for the Higher Self, Jupiter can enlighten these areas of darkness and bring them into our radiant consciousness.

So, if you needed any more excuse to try something new in your relationship (with yourself or another) – sexy, expensive, dark stuff might just be it! 😉

But, all jokes aside. Most astrologers talk of Libra being the sign of relationships, and it is, but as always, I’m looking to the inner world, and this New Moon in Libra is a perfect time to assess the relationship with yourself.

You must balance your own dark and light before you can take on someone else’s.

“He suddenly recalled from Plato’s Symposium: People were hermaphrodites until God split then in two, and now all the halves wander the world over seeking one another. Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost.”

― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being



Again, ask yourself:

What parts of me do I seek in others?

What would I like to be that I am currently not?

What latent abilities might I be hiding in my darkness?

How can I become more whole so that I may create something new with another?

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