New Moon in Libra: Body Mind Balance

The New Moon in Libra is conjunct Ceres and squaring Pluto, directing us into a temporary brick wall, forcing us to pause and learn to care for ourselves – body mind and soul.

Carrying on the theme of balance from the Equinox and the last Full Moon in Aries, we’re now looking at how we can create harmony in all aspects of our lives – not just from the perspective of how we relate to others, but from a deeper place of understanding of our own needs.

What does it mean to truly take care of ourselves on every level?



Ceres and Pluto

Ceres is like a hyped-up Virgo, she wants us to respect the natural feminine urges to serve and nurture others, but she also wants us to take care of ourselves, with good food, relaxation and celebration – something that many of us neglect.

With Pluto throwing his weight around, we can feel out of control and out of touch with ourselves on many levels.

This dynamic duo is encouraging us to find out what exactly it is we need to feel good.



Body Mind Balance

When we’re working really hard and throwing our all into outer ventures like work, projects, socialisation and hobbies, at first our mind feels really great – hey! We’re doing stuff! Progress! Hooray!

But after a while, if we don’t balance that energy out with attention to the inner, we can start to feel burned out and our bodies scream for rest and recuperation.

Yet when we take too much quiet time, our minds start to protest in boredom, telling us we’re lazy or failures or overindulgent.

There’s a need to harmonise both.

This Libra New Moon is about that very harmony.



What do we need for self-care?

With Venus Retrograde adding to the mix, we’re being tasked to learn about self-love, not just from a place of self-respect or acceptance, but also by recognising when we need to take action for the sake of the mind, and when we need to stop and think of the body.

What do you need this New Moon? Rest or action? Quiet or excitement? Self-care or hard work?

Do you need sleep? To finish a task? How about a big bowl of veggies and a bubble bath? Are you paying as much attention to your body as you do to your mind?

Right now I feel that what most of us needs is to slow down and ask ourselves this:

What do we need right now to feel healthy?

What do we need right now to feel complete?

Then make sure you provide it before doing anything else.


Happy New Moon lovers – look after yourselves,

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