New Moon in Cancer: Caring for the Inner Child

This weekend the New Moon is in its home sign of sensitive Cancer, giving us chance to delve into the waters of our psyche to meet our inner child.

In an astrological chart, the moon represents our deepest emotions; the murky unconscious, and in particular, the ingrained feelings of security we experience in our childhood.

When we’re younger, all we need is security, and this is reflected in both the moon and the sign of Cancer through their deep desire for comfort, safety and intimacy. Cancerians are often described as ‘homebodies’, because they love nothing more than curling up with someone they love, or a good book and a cup of tea.

We all have a Cancerian influence in our lives, regardless of whether we have planets in that sign on our astrological charts or not, and with the Moon in Cancer right now, we’ll be feeling it intensely at times and may find our “inner child” raising its head from the depths.

What the inner child craves most is security.

Much like a child, when this Cancerian need for security is satisfied, we can free ourselves up to pursue our goals, be creative and individual. All we need is grounding from our parents and home life, and after that, we can happily experiment and adventure.

But as we get older, the inner child in us is gradually quietened by our “inner adult”; the voice that tells you not to have that third biscuit, not to waste time on “play”, or to bottle up your tears and carry on.

Sometimes this attitude can wear thin, however, and we’ve all been there when the inner child rebels and throws a tantrum so fierce that our inner adult has no choice but to run and hide – these are the times we give in to temptation against our will, or lash out at the people we love.

This “inner adult” can be represented by Saturn in our astrological charts, and if Saturn is strong enough, the inner child can be kept in check, just like when your parents tell you no dessert unless you eat your greens.

But too much of this influence can leave us feeling unfulfilled and frustrated, like a kid being cooped up all day when the sun is shining outside, and while it may seem like our Saturn parent has everything under control, underneath it can feel like a scary and controlling place – definitely not a place of security.

If you experienced a lack of security or comfort in your actual childhood, your inner child and adult will probably be quite out of balance, with one at the mercy of the other to sometimes disastrous results. It’s all the more important for you to spend time this week being sensitive to the needs of your inner child, but even if your childhood was perfect, we are all prone to putting work over play a little too often.

Luckily this weekend’s New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to put all that grown up stuff aside, dig deep and see what your inner child needs to feel safe and secure.

Do you need to make more time for yourself? Maybe take a bath or a walk? Do you need to add more fun to your life? Go out and play in nature; climb trees and scrape your knees. Make some art or spend time with friends.

New Moon in Cancer: Caring for the Inner Child - Art by Andrew Blackman Rivenis
Do you dream of having more fun?

Learn to balance the Moon’s inner child and mother archetypes.

The moon also brings a feminine energy to the mix and is representative of our mother, and the comfort she brought us as a child. This is the ultimate security, and without it we can feel cast adrift. It’s important to consider your own mother’s influence, but also the way you nurture yourself in the absence of your flesh and blood mother.

Be kind to yourself and listen to your needs, just like you would with a child. Mothering yourself is not a shameful thing, it gives you the grounded safety to explore the world around you.

Pay attention to any feelings that may arise this New Moon, as your inner child will be connecting with the mother archetype in a healing embrace. This might be a good time to connect with your own mother or daughter to do some healing of your own.

If we can provide that sense of security that the inner child desires, and learn to nurture ourselves with the Moon, rather than boss and bully like Saturn, we can free ourselves up to relax and play, encouraging creativity and wonder into our oh-so adult lives.

So if you struggle with listening to your inner child, this weekend’s New Moon in Cancer will give you the tools to connect with your unconscious and see what it has to say.

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Featured: Dimitra Milan
Fairground: Andrew Blackman Rivenis

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