Lose Your Illusion: Super Full Moon in Gemini

On 3rd December we’ve got a SUPER Full Moon in the sign of Gemini – sounds exciting right? This moon is tightly squaring Neptune (0°10′) so questions of reality and deception may come to the surface with your friends, siblings or in yourself.

I always think that when it comes to our understanding of other people, a lot of what we think is true is actually a load of subjective ‘stuff’ that belongs to us and not them.

Like recently I came to the realisation that my people-pleasing habit (baaad habit) has created this cycle of overgiving and then burnout and resentment when I offer too much of myself up. I take on extra work, extra social events, extra tasks until I end up drained and frustrated, blaming other people for asking too much of me and not realising that I can’t give any more.

But that’s totally my fault.

If I don’t tell anyone I can’t do something, how are they meant to know? My lack of communication creates a complete misunderstanding.

And it goes deeper than that.

What I’ve essentially done is weaved my own web of reality where I CAN do EVERTHING, and I MUST please EVERYONE. I tell myself I’ll get it all done. I’ll be fine, no one will notice if I’m half-assing or rushing or tired or stressed. I can be everything to everyone and still find time to relax at the end of it all…

…Yeahhhh, like no.

Don’t be a people-pleaser, folks


If this sounds familiar, now is a good time to accept and let go of all that.

Listen to yourself, you’ll know what feels right and when you should just suck it up and say no.

Practice with me now: No. Nooooo. NOPE. Just no.

Now doesn’t that feel better? 😉

We all create realities that aren’t actually real. We tell ourselves something to get by in this world, and then wonder why we don’t feel aligned.

Whether it’s people-pleasing or something else, a lot of what we think is other people’s baggage, is actually our own, and when we realise this, we can make decisions and communicate in a way that is true to ourselves.

This weekend, use the energy of this Super Full Moon to question your own reality – are there any stories you’re telling yourself that are doing you no favours?


Journal these questions:

– What do I tell myself that isn’t really true?

– What parts of my reality don’t feel right? How could I improve them?

– What has annoyed me about others recently? What was my part in it?

– Which of my repetitive thoughts do I need to lose this Full Moon?

I hope the answers are illuminating!


Enjoy the Full Moon energy, stargazers.

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