QUICKIES: Leave Mercury Retrograde Alone

**QUICKIES are short but sweet truthbombs to satisfy your urge in your tea break**


Mercury Retrograde gets such a bad rep nowadays, it’s like Britney circa 2007: seemingly crazy, totally unpredictable and everybody’s talking about it, BUT in my books, old Merc Ret (does that work, no I don’t think it does…) is actually totally misunderstood (just like poor Britters) and is really here to help us fix up look sharp.

Mercury Retrograde may leave you feeling like this, but fight the urge guys…


So how the hell do we do that? Well I’m glad you asked, cos it’s time for some tough retrograde love:


🔥 Wake up: this is no time for sleeping and hoping prince charming will come fix your life with a kiss. Anyone remember K Fed? 🤨

🔥 Tune in: what’s really going on here? Like really really.

🔥 Get real: stop ignoring the hard parts and start accepting your current reality, warts n all.

🔥 Forget the rest: if it don’t flow, let it go. Make room for stuff that lights you up.


So, if we can all just leave Mercury Retrograde alone, and focus on our own issues, I’m sure we’ll find plenty of room for improvement.

It took Britney close on a decade to figure out that to get a hot body and a Mazerati, you gotta work, we’ve got three weeks, let’s make it count.


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Ellie Rose is a writer, astrologer and tough lovin' tarot reader. While she admits that she'd rather be at the beach, if she had to do something it would be liberating humans of mental strife, achieving enlightenment and transmuting enough gold to feed the world and save the animals, oh and trees, she really likes trees.

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