How Your Astrological Elements Can Help You Heal

Are you a fiery intuitive or an airy over-thinker? Do you have the weight of the earth on your dependable shoulders or do your feelings flow like water? Your astrological chart can tell you a lot about your personality type, and if we can start to read the elemental energies present within we can overcome the imbalances that keep us from achieving wholeness.

But first, let’s find out what I mean by astrological “types”:

You may already know that all 12 of the astrological signs come with their own traits – Virgos are nitpickers, Leos like attention etc. etc., but these 12 signs can also be matched up to an element from nature – earth, wind, fire and air, and for centuries these four elemental categories were used to describe the different types of personality present in all of us.

Later, Carl Jung added to the party with four of his own personality types based on these same ancient astrological elements. In his 1921 book Psychology Types, Jung theorised that we all experience life according to one primary function: thinking (air), feeling (water), intuitive (fire) or sensation (earth).

These four fundamental categories describe our inner workings – the strengths and weaknesses present there, and the way we relate to each other and the world around us. Knowledge of them can help us to heal.

 “Because astrology is a symbolic system, it attempts to express through its imagery and its structure the energy patterns which underlie life and the human psyche as an aspect of life” Liz Greene (1978) Relating.

Becoming conscious of these energy patterns allows us to pay attention to our inner imbalances; the places where we feel unsatisfied, frustrated, weak and hurt.

These inner struggles usually indicate an elemental weakness – this may be because you don’t have any planets in that area, or you’re too strong in one element, leaving you lacking in its opposite. These are the blots on the map of the psyche that can be healed when you start to acknowledge and learn from them.

*If you’ve had an astrological natal chart reading you’ll already have a good understanding of where most of your planets lie, but if you haven’t, your sun sign is a good place to start…


Air Element Symbol

Air – Thinking

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If you have a lot of air signs in your chart, you’re likely a thinking type. You analyse everything and love to solve problems with those super mental powers of yours. You like logic, communication and rationality, and ascribe wholly to the mind over matter principle. Because of this, you might tend to over-analyse and make mountains out of molehills. Your tendency to try and plan your way over every hurdle can leave you overwhelmed and anxious.

Because airy types often lack their watery counterpart, you might also find it hard expressing yourself through feelings. You can benefit from letting go of the reigns and diving a little deeper into the unknown. Don’t try to label, just let your emotions rule once in a while.

Tip: Stop trying to make everything fit into your mental framework for life. Emotions cannot be categorised, and sometimes not even understood. Switch off that big ol’ brain of yours for a second and just feel.


Water Element Symbol

Water – Feeling

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

At the other end of the scale we have the watery/feeling types. These people are fully in touch with their emotions, perhaps even a little too much sometimes. Dreamy and romantic, they follow their hearts and are known for their charm, compassion and creativity.

While passionate and warm at their best, feeling types at their worst can be touchy, opinionated, and unreasonable. The lack of airy rationality can make this type respond without rhyme or reason and their intense emotions are sometimes overwhelming, even seeming clingy to other astrological types at times.

Tip: Remember that not everyone feels the same as you. Try to think objectively and don’t take things personally all the time. Your emotions run on a cycle, the more you feed them, the more they hunger. Take a step back every now and again.


Fire Element Symbol

Fire – Intuitive

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The fiery intuitive type acts first and thinks later. They are adventurous, passionate and driven; a visionary and leader, making waves (or should we say flames?) wherever they go. Just like fire itself, the intuitive tears down boundaries with an infectious passion and dazzles those in its path.

Living for the spice of life, fiery types often forget to tend to the necessary chores of everyday existence. People with a lot of fire in their charts can be unreliable and unpredictable, often becoming bored or restless when faced with routine and responsibility.

Tip: Keep a to do list, like for real. This tip is a bit more tangible than the rest because fiery types need that practical, step by step advice in order to pull their heads out of the clouds and face real life down on the ground.


Earth Element Symbol

Earth – Sensation

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Finally, we have the earthy dependable types. Big on routine, practicality and physical sensations, the earthy person is sensible and ambitious, often fond of material things and boasting a strong work ethic. Earthy types are adept at bringing their visions into being, something the fiery type struggles with.

Sometimes this grounded and hard-working outlook can weigh too heavily on the earthy type and they become materialistic, narrow-minded or lacking in the fun department. Earth would do well to take a leaf from fire’s book and feed the desire for spontaneity, magic and chaos that lingers unconsciously beneath the impeccably presented façade.

Tip: Try saying yes to everything for a week. Someone asks you to dinner on a weeknight? Say yes. Try a new hobby? Yes. Sign up for skydiving? Yes yes YES. Inject a little fire and freedom into your otherwise solid and sensible routine.


While these categories are just a simplified starting place and most of us will find we are actually a mix of two or even three types, the more we can pay attention to the symbolic structures that make up our personalities, the more we find our journey through life a little easier.

An in-depth astrological reading will include the positions of every planet, giving even more detail to the map – but first you need to figure out where you might get lost along the way.

If you want to find out more about your own elemental energies, I cover this in my astrological birth chart readings, as well as my one-on-one alchemical coaching sessions.




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  • Becca

    Ooh love this! I’m a aries and fire is so me! My little girl is libra so an air sin and it’s mad to see that as she’s learning she’s showing typical air traits 🙂 love reading your blog you make it easy to read!
    Blessed be lovley xx

    • Dismystic

      Thank you for your lovely comment, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!
      Air and fire? Pow! You two will be a force to be reckoned with! 😉 I have a lot of air in my chart so I can relate – analyse eeeeverything?
      Ellie x

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