Full Moon in Taurus: What Do You Feel You Deserve?

The Taurus Full Moon on 4th November 2017 is the most exciting moon phase of the year! Since the Moon is exalted in Venus (meaning she really likes it there), this is a much-needed boost of positivity after the Sun recently dived into the cold depths of Scorpionic darkness.

Taurus and Scorpio sit opposite each other on the zodiac, representing opposites; conscious and unconscious, male and female, love and hate, so with Taurus being centre stage right now, we’re given an inch of breathing space from the heavy inner work required of Scorpio.


Things are about to get frivolous!

Ruled by Venus, this Taurus Full Moon is giving us time to rest and recuperate – the usual, take a languid bubble bath, eat a whole bunch of grapes or leftover Halloween chocolate, and wear your fanciest loungewear, basically just indulge a little, Lord knows we all need it!

But all of this treatin’ yourself stuff can only be done if you feel like you deserve it, and that’s where the flipside to Taurus comes in.

Know your confidence. Know your worth.


Are you deserving?

We can only let ourselves rest when we feel like we’ve done enough.

We can only buy things when we feel we’ve earned enough.

The love and attention we receive from others, is often greatly in proportion with the love and attention we give ourselves, so if we’re lacking in the self-love department, we’re going to receive less from others (or imagine that we are).

This Taurus Full Moon is turning that piercing Scorpio spotlight onto the light and frilly parts of us like food, romance and beauty, but these are still parts that can need a good dusting at times.

These lovely fluffy things are meant to keep us afloat now and then in this deep sea of winter introversion.


Neptune comes to party

With a positive sextile to dreamy Neptune, you could have already been feeling the need for self-love, perhaps you knew intuitively to take a bath or treat yourself to a giant sandwich or shopping sesh.

It’s important to take time out to care for ourselves, especially when we’re usually plodding along towards our goals with a determination that can look like a lack of sleep and forgetting to eat lunch (I know I’m not the only one?!).

So, Taurus sextile Neptune is a delightfully dreamy place to take a much-needed rest, though be careful not to spill into excess, which Neptune has a habit of doing – don’t be the guy who never knows when the party has ended.


Just like the recent New Moon in Libra, we must learn to live in balance.

Not enough food and we’re hungry, but too much and we feel sick.

Not enough money and we’re stressed, too much and we can become ungrateful.

Not enough love and we’re lonely, too much and we feel stifled.

Interestingly, the ruler of our Taurus Full Moon, Venus, is currently in the same spot as our last New Moon in Libra (19/10), meaning that any relationship intentions made around that time are starting to sprout, and we have finally started to integrate the lessons we learnt then, whether we learnt something about our relationship to others or with ourselves.

So, my tip for you this Full Moon, is to take the past lessons and allow them to take a deeper look at your self-worth and see if it could do with boosting over a little indulgent self-lovin’.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I want but feel I don’t deserve?

Do I receive the love that I need? If not, am I giving as much as I would like to receive?

Are there any self-defeating narratives holding me back? How could I let them go and move on?





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