Full Moon in Pisces + Mercury Direct: Dive Deep


Mercury retrograde is finally over guys! And just in time for the Pisces Full Moon tomorrow (13°53′) eek!

Interestingly, Mercury’s movement forward has happened at the exact degree (28°) of last month’s intense Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo (I know right, I’m reluctant to revisit that too!), which forced us to take a look at our shadow side, and highlight what we’re doing (or not doing) to integrate it for the good of all society.

The dark global events recently showed that many of us are letting the shadow win, however some of us are choosing to face and bring it to light so we can all begin to heal. This is a necessary journey and I am hopeful, however we still have a long way to go.

Full Moon is a time to let go of what isn’t serving anymore, and Pisces encourages us to face our bad habits square on, go into the netherworld of unconscious to see what we find there.

If we are to triumph over the shadow, we need to learn to look our own in the face, embrace and integrate it, however monstrous it may be.

shadow work dismystic full moon in pisces mercury retrograde
Who knew that’s what we look like underneath?!

Mars into earthy Virgo

The emphasis on ego with Leo Sun/Mars/Mercury all jostling for attention, has had us confused (I know I’m not the only one?!) but as Mars moves into sensitive earthy Virgo today, we can begin to feel a bit more grounded; anchored ready for a dive into Piscean depths.

The ego has its function, it helps us get what we want, project our good qualities, but when there’s too much ego we spiral into controlling narcissm and intolerance. This is what we’ve seen a lot of across the news and perhaps in our own circles.


Full Moon in Pisces helps us let go

Full Moon in Pisces encourages us to let go of our preconceived ideas and stop trying to control situations. In order to bring peace, you must realise that much of what we see is illusion. This world, our beliefs, our things we hold so tightly have little importance. The only importance right now is life, love and spirit.

Use this time to explore the otherworld of spirit and loosen your grip on reality, just for a moment, it might feel scary, but ultimately it will help you to heal, and the only way we are going to heal others, is by starting with ourselves.

Be well, friends xxx

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