Full Moon in Scorpio: 5 Steps for Transformation

When the moon becomes full in Scorpio on April 21st it’s time to get our hands dirty and really take time out to explore the mysterious depths of our psyche; embracing and letting go of any negativity that may be festering there.

This journey may be dark and treacherous, but the transformative energy of Scorpio allows us to see what’s lurking deep beneath our conscious and encourages us to say goodnight to those limiting beliefs that hold us back from greatness.

As the energy builds before the 21st, you might be feeling emotionally charged or tense, so try these Scorpio full moon rituals to embrace your hidden desires, confront the darkness and let in the light.

1. Connect with Your Inner Self

Now is the perfect time to meditate, clear your mind of distractions and connect with your inner self. Set yourself some time to just be, on the day of the full moon or before is best.

Light candles, relax, or indulge in a relaxing bath – do something for you. Clear your mind and focus on your breath. If there’s an issue that you’re struggling to overcome, ask for a clear message, and let your subconscious provide you with a solution.

2. Dig Deep

We all have our inner demons that hold us back from reaching our goals, and full moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to find out what it is we need to work on to transform ourselves for the better.

Try automatic writing to find out what’s hiding beneath the surface of your psyche.

Sit somewhere quiet and meditate on your question for some time. When you’re ready, put pen to paper and let yourself write whatever comes into your head – don’t try too hard and don’t edit – let it flow. You’ll be surprised what things can come up that you were unaware of.

3. Let it Go

Scorpio is a water sign and as a result, can be very emotionally intense. Some of these exercises may dig up uncomfortable feelings but that’s ok, now is the time to accept them and just go with it. The full moon is a perfect opportunity for facing these feelings, then letting go of what we no longer want in our lives.

If you haven’t already, write down what it is you want to release on this night and meditate on what will improve in your life as a result of this change. When you’re ready, throw the paper into running water (a river, the ocean, even flushing it down the toilet can work for the urban witches amongst you!) and imagine your problem being taken away with the flow.

4. Bring in the Light

Once you’ve embraced and let go of darkness, there’s more room for light. We’ve had the things we usually hide from in our day to day life out on the table and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Bring light back into your life by taking a walk in nature, filling your home full of candles, creating something or exercising. These grounding activities will pull you out of the depths of that intense Scorpio energy and get you back to your smiling self.

5. Be Fearless

Scorpio rules emotional truth and once you’ve unlocked Pandora’s box, it’s hard to lock it all up again. It’s important not to completely forget these unconscious feelings you’ve discovered and to use them to propel you forward in life.

As the moon begins to wane again after the Scorpio full moon, make a special effort to do what you truly love, be fearless and chase your dreams, however far away they may seem.





Featured image by Noa Knafo.

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