Full Moon in Sagittarius: 6 Ways to Shake off the Cobwebs

If you haven’t already felt it, the moon is waxing towards full in Sagittarius on Saturday May 21st, bringing forth inspiration and growth in a huge way. As Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of aspirations and adventure, now is the perfect time to wave goodbye to negative patterns and welcome in a new you.

  1. Make a Vision Board

Get your gluestick at the ready, gather some magazines and have yourself an arty day. Making a vision board is a great way to realise your desires, and while the new moon is usually best for manifestation, the strong Sagittarian energy will expand your mind and push your dreams into actualisation like a flying arrow. Plus, who can feel bummed out after they’ve spent the afternoon in a creative cut ‘n’ stick sesh?

  1. Get Moving

If you share your life with a Sagittarian like I do, you’ll know that they’re busy people who need to keep moving, and so shall you today.

I’ve deliberately avoided the word ‘exercise’ as like me, it will probably fill you full of terror, so instead I’m suggesting movement – dance, yoga, walking the dog, taking the kids to the playground, anything that gets you outside and shaking those limbs – trust me, them scientists ain’t lying when they say exercise makes you happy!

Vintage yoga pose
Now that’s more like it…
  1. Change Your Environment

Even though it’s supposedly Spring, here in the UK the weather is still pretty ick, and while I am a self-confessed hermit, staying indoors can get dull, and dullness brings all sorts of other icky thoughts and feelings.

My favourite Sagittarian on the other hand, whilst sometimes annoying, is constantly looking for new things to do and new places to explore, so I’ll be putting my hermit hat away for a day or two and joining him for adventures in the outside world. I suggest you do the same!

  1. Try Something New

New things can be scary, I get that, but if there’s ever a time to be trying something new, it’s full moon in Sagittarius. It doesn’t have to be life changing, you could try eating out at a new restaurant, taking a new class somewhere, or just changing your outfit up for the day. Change can be daunting but nine times out of ten you’ll feel fantastic afterwards.

  1. Set a Goal

That gassy giant, Jupiter, is the king of goals, so pay him some homage this month and set a couple yourself. Get your Sagittarian arrows at the ready and take aim…

Here’s where the intuition of Sagittarius comes in handy, instead of using the analytical left side of your brain and listing all the mundane jobs you need to complete soon (that’s no fun) let yourself really go and list the things that you’ve always wanted to do, but “never had time” or “didn’t think you could do it”.

Jupiter says no to these limiting beliefs, he’s all about expansion, restriction is Saturn’s job. According to Jupiter, you can do anything you bloody well please. Want to try unicycling? Write it down. Been summing up the courage to ask your colleague on a date, do it. Fancy a massage but didn’t think you could justify it? Down it goes. You deserve it tenfold. Write. It. Down.

  1. Look Through the Eyes of a Child

If there’s one thing we should all do for full moon in Sagittarius it’s to open our eyes to the possibility of adventure. Whether or not you get to do any of these things I’ve suggested, just remember that the world is full of incredible, beautiful, changing, thriving forces that are there whenever you choose to see them.


Have you got any plans for the full moon?





Archer Woman
Vintage Yoga

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