Full Moon in Aquarius Start a Weirdo Revolution

Full Moon in Aquarius: Start a Weirdo Revolution

With this week’s Aquarius Full Moon, we’re getting out of our comfort zones and into the new age of weird and wacky individuality. Ruled by Uranus, the sign of Aquarius is known for its wave-making radicalism and ability to shake up the tired and tame parts of yourself that you thought you could hide behind.

Embrace your weird and wonderful:

Have you ever noticed how the most attractive people are the ones that are most fully themselves?

They ooze personality with unashamed confidence. We’re drawn to these magnetic personalities time and time again – the ones that seem so comfortable in their own skin and don’t hesitate to say what’s on their mind.

This crazy hot quirkiness is a typically Aquarian quality, and one that many of us find difficult to master, which is not surprising when society expects us to conform to its easily digestible, vanilla-flavoured standards.

It’s hard to be fully ourselves when the threat of rejection looms over our ever fragile egos. We all have parts of ourselves that we hide away or dampen down.

We dilute ourselves so as not to draw attention or cause offence, but the best kinds of people are the ones who say “F**k that – this is who I am”. Those are the people that create a stir, are adored and emulated, the people that start revolutions.

A revolution starts with you:

The planet Uranus is all about starting revolutions, and I could just as easily write about the exterior workings of Aquarian energy and how the world is transforming and we’re all part of this crazy evolution maaaan, but I’m not going to, because first and foremost revolutions are started individually, in our hearts and minds.

How can our society succeed with its much needed metamorphosis when every day we keep the most radical parts of ourselves on the down-low, afraid that someone might think we’re weird or gross?

Don’t apologise for yourself:

None of us are perfect, I get that, but what do you think you’re going to gain by constantly telling yourself you’re not quite right? Constantly watering yourself down? The only reason we tone down our personalities, or put a leash on our freaky weird side, is because we believe that it will be frowned upon, like somehow being different will make you stand out for ridicule or rejection?

Well honey, I’ve got news for you – not everyone will like you all of the time.

And if you can’t please people by being what you think they want, you might as well go all out and be who you want, right? RIGHT!

Full Moon in Aquarius Start a Weirdo Revolution1
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a dinosaur!

And it’s precisely this confidence to be yourself that people are attracted to. Sure, if your individuality is expressed with a lime green Mohawk, six inch heels and a parrot on your shoulder, you’re gonna get some looks, but what do you care? You’re feeling fancy and free.

It’s heart-breaking to see people smush themselves into tiny boxes just to fit in. Wearing, discussing, listening to and doing everything that everyone else wears, discusses, listens to and does.

We’ve all got this incredible potential for greatness – and in a billion different delicious flavours too – but there’s constantly that little voice that tells us to just go with the flow, don’t stand out, don’t make waves.

But the world’s movers and shakers were people that stood out. You think if someone like Liberace, Oscar Wilde or Bjork (to name just a few) had given in to the norm and turned it down a notch or two, they would have been as potently magnetic and successful?

Set your true self free:

But this Uranian energy gives you more than a crazy influence over the people around you, it also sets you free in a way. The less you worry about what people think of you, the more you there is on show, and the more relaxed you can feel in social situations. It’s impossible to feel fully comfortable when you’re constantly measuring yourself against everyone else’s standards.

Hopefully we’ve all got a friend or family member that we can totally let our hair down with? One that knows all your kooky flaws and lame interests and still thinks you’re awesome. They laugh at your offbeat jokes and don’t look at you strangely when you say stupid things or squirt juice out of your nose laughing. Think about how easy it is to be with that person. What a fun, relaxed and confident guy or gal you are with them. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you could be that version of yourself with everyone else?

That feeling of safety you get from your best friend or mum or partner, can be recreated right now with your own permission, and especially at an Aquarian Full Moon.

Push that conventional, restricting BS to one side and make way for YOU. The full on freaky kinky off-the-wall weirdo who likes what they like and isn’t ashamed to show it.

Now is time to let down the defences, and let out the crazy. If we’re to get anywhere as a society, we need to start accepting difference, all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours, and the only way to do that is to all start individually, with ourselves.

If you’re no longer afraid to show the world your collection of vintage sci-fi memorabilia or penchant for parachute pants, you’re less likely to judge someone else for their collection of ceramic cats or the way they snort when they laugh.

Everybody gets to be themselves – everybody instantly lightens up.

So this Aquarius full moon, let yourself go a little – for the sake of your inner freak, and for the sake of the rest of us weirdos too.

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So how do you honor your inner freak? Comment below!


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