February is the New January

Since January was a bust and February looks ROCKIN’, I’m making a bold and outrageous move to celebrate New Year in February instead. Between a gorgeous Aquarius New Moon, a bunch of lovely sextiles and some stuff about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the population of China, I think I make a pretty good case.


Why this year and not last year?

Well, for starters, 2019 is special. I can feel it, everyone I speak to can feel it, heck, the planets are TELLING us that they feel it, this is gonna be a year of change.

If you’re an astrology enthusiast, you probably heard the news already: 2019 is supposed to be THE ONE. Except, if you’re a human on planet earth right now (as well as an astrology enthusiast), you’ve probably also noticed that, so far, it’s been a bit of a let-down.

We’ve had no noticeable breakthroughs, lift offs, forward leaps or level ups and no discernible transformations of noteworthy note. So, why’s everyone touting 2019 like it’s the dawn of a new age and the best thing since sliced (gluten free) bread?

Well, in a nutshell, we’ve got three outer planets in their home signs: Jupiter in Sag (yay!), Saturn in Cap (double yay!) and Neptune in Pisces (thank Triton’s beard!).

As well as no Venus Retrograde to distract us this year, a set of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses to get us out of our comfort zones and into the big kids’ class and three rare Jupiter-Neptune squares to shake a little inspiration into our morning coffee.


Make mine a double shot.


So why has it felt so sluggish so far?

Ok, I don’t really think January is the best time to be starting afresh (bear with me here, I’ve got facts and stuff). In fact, I kind of see January as a time for endings, not beginnings.

Aside from the perky pick-me-up from Mars in Aries at the beginning of January, there was that crazy big Leo Eclipse that 50% of people loved and 50% of people (me included) felt was a black hole of confusion – we’re meant to be feeling what now? Joyful, confident and inspired? …errr nope.

Then there’s the fact that January is still ridiculously fucking dark and miserable (on the northern hemisphere – I’ve been home in England for Christmas and let me tell you, it is COLD and DARK).

Despite our human intelligence and consciousness upper-hand, we’re still technically animals. We’re closer in relation to a squirrel than a robot. Thus, we’re meant to be hibernating, not hustling.

The Winter Solstice is literally right at the end of the year, so by January the Sun has only just returned from its annual slumber and the days are increasing by teeny tiny bits.




In January, we’re barely a week out of the underworld of long nights, can I repeat – it’s really COLD AND DARK.

Still speaking in analogies, if the Sun represents our consciousness and in contrast, the dark part of the year is all about the unconscious (going within, more sleep, more dreams, less outside work), then January is not exactly the best time to start putting ourselves out there in the material world of the conscious ego – that takes balls, which tend not to be too reliable in cold conditions (or so I’ve heard).

Think of it like this: which version of you would you rather send to a job interview? Half asleep and cold to the bone you? Or the you that’s had 8 hours, breakfast and a shot of Vitamin D? Exactly.


ALSO, astrologically speaking, Capricorn Season is kind of misinterpreted, like yeah sure it’s somewhat about achieving stuff in the material world, but if we take into consideration what the plants are up to (which is a huge metaphorical influence on the western astro zodiac signs), they’re all lying dormant below ground (HIBERNATING). They don’t really start recharging the mainframe till Aquarius Season (hence all the astro buzzwords about connecting and creating).

Still not convinced?

What about the fact that the Chinese Zodiac begins on February 5th not January 1st?

That’s 1.4 billion people, for over 2,500 years, celebrating their New Year a whole month later than us, which makes what I’m about to suggest a little easier to swallow.


2019. Year of the Pig.


New Moon: New Me

Let’s all forget January even happened, and let’s call this New Moon the REAL start of 2019.

Not only is it a NEW Moon so all about new beginnings and starting fresh cycles, but it’s in Aquarius, a sign of progression and change, AND it’s on a Monday. Need I say more?

If you do want more (I know I know, I promised facts), note that this New Moon is also sextile Neptune and semi-sextile Saturn – both super nice positive aspects – when’s the last time you heard me say that?!

Nope, no “scary but powerful transformations”, no “tough but rewarding struggles”, just easy flowing energy with plenty of potential for growth, creativity, manifestation and magic.

It’s a great time for collaboration and for seeing things in a new and different light. If January was Brussel sprouts, February is roast potatoes – I know which one I prefer.


Say no to January.


An abundance of sexy sextiles

Which leads me onto my next point: this particular week has a shit ton of extra sextiles. Six to be exact.

That’s six times the sexy sextile power.

(for the non-astro initiated, a sextile is two planets at 60-degree angle which tend to offer new opportunities and pleasant tidings – we like sextiles, sextiles are good)

I’ve been writing weekly horoscopes professionally for over a year now and I’m telling you it’s not often I see this many positive aspects together in one week, no siree. This is some epic juicy energy we’ve got coming our way – way better than that January bullshit.

When we’ve got a ton of sextiles like this week following the New Moon, we’re basically being offered a bunch of awesome stuff and all we have to do is pay attention and take the bits we want – like a great heavenly rummage sale – beneath the old jumpers and broken radios you could find a new job, a date, or something abstract but equally important like motivation, clarity or inspiration!


6 sextiles in 6 (+1) days? CONSPIRACY.


It’s like the Aquarius New Moon is setting the tone for the rest of the week/month/year and that tone is 432Hz “get ready to manifest your dreams and actually see some results” – can I hear an AAAAAAA-MEN?

So, if you’ve been feeling sluggish, slow, disappointed or left-behind with the January vibes, don’t worry, you’re not useless (at ALL), you’re just in tune with the natural rhythms that society has fucked up on so many levels (don’t get me started on “the 9-5” or Seasonal Affective Disorder), you’re NORMAL so let it slide.

I thought I was just shit until I looked at my ephemeris and put all of this together. I thought I was a useless, oversleeping scumbag who couldn’t even get her act together in JANUARY like everyone else. But most everyone else apparently feels the same.

So, let’s boycott January? Yeah? Ok done.

Now, what can we do from here?

Are you ready?


Aquarius New Moon Top Tips:

  • Get that thing started that you wanted to start in January but then felt crap in January so didn’t. Yay!
  • Plan that stuff you wanted to do in 2019 before January stole all your motivation and forced you to give up on your dreams and nap. Woohoo!
  • Talk to those people you wanted to communicate with before January made you lose the will to communicate. Alrrrright now!
  • Tell the universe what it is you actually want for this year instead of letting January make you feel slow and fat and useless and sad. YEAH!!! F YOU January!


Yes. Yes you are.


Make the most:

As with everything, getting good results is often to do with how much effort you put in, so if you’re offered something from Grandma Sextile’s Heavenly Rummage Sale, like say, motivation, please try and make use of it.

When you feel that little boost of energy, utilise don’t waste, otherwise February will end up just like January and you’ll come back to me and complain, and I don’t like complaints.

So, while this energy is super buoyant and will happily speed you along the path of success, you will have to swim a bit too. Don’t just lie there deadweight then curse the sextiles and the Moon for not delivering you the winning lottery ticket. It doesn’t work like that.


And if you want eeeextra extra help, I can look at your birthchart with you and see how you can specifically use this wave of awesomeness to your full personal potential, or we can ask the tarot – hit me up for sessions here!


Happy New Year lovelies 😉

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