Light a Fire Under Your Feet with Aries Energy

March was a bit of a slow burner wasn’t it? But then, so was February… and January. In fact, I think I speak for a lot of us when I say this whole year hasn’t exactly got off to a flying start, but all that is changing now as the sun moves into Aries.

Now it might just be that I’m a super perfectionist Virgo, but if you’re anything like me you can often get bogged down in the seemingly, ever-so important stage of planning.

We’ve all been there, and for most of us it’s an ongoing theme. You’ve got an idea for a new project, it could be a novel, an invention, a business, whatever, but you think it might be the one. The one that’s gonna get you somewhere. Your life’s work.

Well already that’s a lot of pressure right? “Your life’s work” will need to be pretty darn special.

So you think about it day and night, you write things down never to be looked at again, you lose your post it notes and your sanity going meticulously over every last detail so you can guarantee that everything is perfect before you start.

Newsflash: Perfect doesn’t exist.

It took me a really long time to get this, and I still have to remind myself of it often (this blog is testament to that), but perfect is just a concept that we created to have something to strive for. It’s a human condition; a completely made up, imaginary, and frankly pretty unhelpful benchmark to judge ourselves on. Nothing is actually perfect.

Here, I can prove it.

Let’s take, for example, our number one girl, Mother Nature. Look at a tree – branches growing in all directions, leaves all different shapes, gnarled bark and knotty trunks, maybe it leans too far to the left because another tree grew too close, maybe it’s scarred by lightning. But by any means, is it perfect?

The perfect mystical tree
Ok, so this tree might be almost perfect…

Now if you ask me, every freaking tree is perfect, but then I’m a self-confessed, tree hugging hippie witch. But in reality, no trees are perfect. Nothing in nature is perfect. And I’ll bet you my last incense stick that no tree ever sat around planning how, when and where it should grow in order to be the perfect tree.

You might now cry out “but my cats are perfect”, I know babes, so are mine. But actually, one of my cats has an anger problem and the other one farts a lot. Soooo…

But I digress…

Here’s something I wish I’d understood years ago. You see, in planning there is no action.

We need to plan. We should plan. But when all you do is plan, there’s actually nothing happening. Sure, your new website looks great in your head, but how many people are reading it up there?

Which leads me to our saviour, the one to relinquish us from the bonds of obsessive planning, no not Jesus (though he’s pretty good too), but Aries.

Aries: The guy who gets shit done.

In astrology, March 20th to April 19th is the month of Aries (The Ram). Aries is the cardinal fire sign, meaning it’s the first sign of the year to enter that element, and it’s the most powerful – good news for those of us that need a seriously powerful kick to get us into action.

And that’s just it – the fire signs are all about action, it’s practically their middle name, and when they roll around you just know it’s time to hustle.

After the drudgery and hibernation that is winter, March and April bring Spring, plus a badass anthromorphic sheep guy who’s ready to charge in and light a blaze beneath our feet to get us moving again, like a best friend who tells you to “get up off the sofa, out of your pyjamas and come to the party”.

And while it might be nice (ok amazing) to binge watch Game of Thrones and eat your weight in gluten free brownies every night, you certainly won’t get anything done there.

Sorry to break it to you but life ain’t gonna happen on your sofa.

Which is all the more reason to grab that Aries energy by the horns and get moving.

Everywhere we look right now, life is beginning again. Plants are growing, the sun is shining, projects are starting. I know I’m not the only one to have felt it – that new sense of purpose, that go-get-em, badass voice in your head that’s like “Come ON, DOOOO something”. I know you’ve felt it too.

On this hemisphere at least, when March comes creeping in it’s always with Spring, the flowers are starting to peep out of the undergrowth and new life is everywhere. It makes sense that March would be the month for action; we’ve had our hibernation, our time for reflection, and now that great fiery ram in the sky is urging us to create and grow. Urging us to action.

You hear that? It’s time for action.

It’s time to take the reins and trust in the energy of Aries; that wild, untameable, sometimes impulsive energy that we can all feel if we really listen. Take inspiration from the growth all around you – the plants, the sun, the tiny baby animals. Everything is sparking to life, and so you can too.

The night time of winter has passed and with Spring comes the masculine, active energy of the sun. So instead of spending hours daydreaming about what you could, should or want to be doing, make like a fiery sun god with the head of a sheep (or something) and DO.

Unless you start doing, you’ll never figure out what works, never learn to adapt. That tree we mentioned earlier that bends to one side to reach the sun – you need to be that. Channel that tree. Put yourself out there and start growing, if you end up in a slightly different place than you’d pictured, that’s ok because you got somewhere. If you keep yourself in the planning stage, you’ll never get anywhere.

Of course, with doing comes fear, fear of failure. I get it, failure is scary, none of us want that. But failure in itself is growth. If we didn’t fail at anything, then we would never learn what works and what doesn’t. I’m sure we’ve all got a messy teenage breakup story to prove that theory!

And really if you think about it, that fear is just our old friend perfection knocking at our door again, and we’ve already established that he doesn’t really exist, and even if he does he’s not invited in.

So swallow your fear of failure, throw planning out the window and use the fiery sun energy of Aries to take the first step towards your future, whatever that may be.

Start now. Just do one thing to get your project moving. One little thing. Don’t plan it or perfect it, just get it going. Act now, think later. Aries style.

The universe is waiting for you to play your hand and there’s no way you can lose, not when the planets are on your side.


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Ellie Rose is a writer, astrologer and tough lovin' tarot reader. While she admits that she'd rather be at the beach, if she had to do something it would be liberating humans of mental strife, achieving enlightenment and transmuting enough gold to feed the world and save the animals, oh and trees, she really likes trees.

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