• 6-signs-youre-doing-shadow-work-without-knowing

    6 Ways You’re Doing Shadow Work Without Knowing

    ‘Shadow work’ seems to be the word on every witch’s lips right now and the internet is rife with talk of its incredible healing results, but since Carl Jung’s inception back in the 40’s, there’s been little in the way of step by step instruction, in fact, it’s been kinda, well, shadowy in definition. But you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no esoteric initiation needed to do successful shadow work, and you might even be doing it already… (**This article was published on WITCH Magazine**) 6. You’re digging up past trauma While this one’s not much fun, it’s a vital part of shadow work – how the hell are…


    9 Signs You’re More Enlightened Than You Think

    Every one of us is on a spiritual path, some of us just don’t know it yet. I imagine because you’re here, that you are one of the aware – congrats! But you probably still doubt yourself at times – “I forgot to meditate”, “My life is a mess”, “I ate a ton of cheese” – we’ve all been there. Yet despite these moments of self-doubt, you are transforming. So quit pretending, cos honey you are exactly where you need to be. Here’s how I know…

  • how-your-astrological-elements-help-you-heal

    How Your Astrological Elements Can Help You Heal

    Are you a fiery intuitive or an airy over-thinker? Do you have the weight of the earth on your steadfast shoulders or do your feelings flow like water? The diverse energy of the elements can be read in our astrological charts, helping us to recognise any imbalances that keep us from wholeness.

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