Autumn Equinox: The Gateway of Judgement

    The Autumn Equinox is upon us and once more light and dark meet in harmony, birthing days and nights of equal length. At this time, potential hangs thick in the air. We reap what we sowed, and the scales of balance are beginning to tip, will your heart be light with truth? Sunshine, gold and corn Imagine the year is split into four parts. There’s a dark part, a light part, and the two bits in between that help to transition between these opposites, we call them winter, spring, summer and autumn. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be welcoming in the light, if you’re in the northern hemisphere,…


    11 Ways to Boost Your Witchy Powers

    So you’re already pretty intuitive, but how can you boost your witchy powers to the point of actually manifesting the things you want? These are my 11 favourite ways to enhance your spiritual prowess and get you feeling like a goddess almighty.   1. Meditate This one’s a no-brainer. When you meditate regularly you clear your mind of waffle, fluff and ego babble, making way for clarity and connection to the divine. The famous magician, Aleister Crowley, talked about the need for a “united will” for magic to be successful and meditation can help you learn about where your will is divided. Then, once you’re aware of these deeper personal…


    5 Magical Things We Can Learn from the Magpie

    Hands up who loves a magpie? These clever little birds hide a whole host of quirky traits beneath their flamboyant feathers, and some of them are just brimming with magical energy. If you’re into esoteric symbolism like me, you’ll know that every animal, plant and tree has its own set of correspondences and the magpie is a particularly powerful sign from nature that we can harness for our own self-improvement, whether that’s a little ego boost or a spooky prediction for your future… 1. You can use magpies as a type of folk divination. Us Brits have an odd superstition surrounding the magpie. According to a cute little rhyme (see…


    Darkness, Myths and Rituals of Light: Winter Solstice + Saturn in Capricorn

    Dear mystical ones, I hope you’re having a fabulous Winter Solstice, and are winding down ready to worship the darkness one last time before it gives way to light. The Sun/Son/Jesus/Persephone/Horus/Baldur/Hestia will be making their way back up to the world of the living and light soon, but we’ve got some time now to set it all on pause (phew). We can nest in the darkness and feed ourselves up aplenty, ready for a new hustle in a new year – ohh yes, it’s finally time to switch off and celebrate. Today, I’ve celebrated the coming birth of light with a solstice ritual that I’d like to share with you: Just before…


    Hello, God? It’s Me Again.

    I had found it now. An unusual electric sensation made its way up my spine, as if in celebration of this exciting moment, scattering shocks that shook my discs. I liked it. This is what everyone else must feel. This is what they’re all talking about. I couldn’t explain it myself, it wasn’t really a moment I could pinpoint, just that I knew I was connected to God.

  • The Gnostic Guide to Avoiding Burn Out

    The Gnostic Guide to Avoiding Burn Out

    Despite thousands of years in the making, we’re still desperate to escape our material prisons. We work like dogs to break free of the 9-5 drudge, then we blow off steam in excess. This attitude towards life echoes the ancient Gnostic sects, and we could really learn a thing or two from them before we burn out for good.

  • 3-ways-to-be-a-modern-mystic-in-a-messed-up-world

    3 Ways to Be a Modern Mystic in a Messed Up World

    Living on earth right now is pretty hectic I’m sure you’ll agree, and more than ever we need something to get us through this crazy dark night of our soul. Which is why we could do with taking a leaf out of the modern mystic’s manuscript to get us back on track to feeling calm, fulfilled and full of zest.

  • What's Alchemy Got to Do with it - Robert Fludd

    What’s Alchemy Got to Do with it?

    Alchemy is a pretty loaded word. For many it brings up images of the dark ages; wizened old men trying to turn lead into gold, but this is just one part of a multi-faceted spiritual truth that has become murky and irrelevant, yet alchemy is just as important a tool to modern life as it was centuries ago, and it holds the secret of our own liberation from suffering – what’s not to love?

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Magic Isn't Working - DisMystic -crystal ball

    The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Magic Isn’t Working

    So your magic isn't working, and you can't figure out why. Your intentions are fully set and you're putting them way out there, but it's not really that simple, is it? Magic, manifestation, spell, prayer, wish, whatever you want to call it, is basically the art of getting what you want by influencing the world around you, and it’s often made to look easy. But if that's the case, why does it fail so often?

  • God as a Symbol How to Cure Your Anxiety with Belief - DisMystic

    God as a Symbol: How to Cure Anxiety with Belief

    What if I told you that putting belief in something outside of yourself could cure your anxiety? You’d probably think I was trying to convert you to some sort of religion. But when you break it down, religion itself is just a symbol, and any symbol, if you believe in it, has the power to heal.

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