3 Things Venus Retrograde Will Teach Us About Love

    It’s Venus Retrograde lovers! From the 6th October to the 15th November, we’ve got the task of levelling up our self-respect and taking off those rose-tinted glasses so we can finally see the light of true love. I don’t believe in doom and gloom astrology, it’s all here to help us, even when it hurts, and out of all of the lessons, love is the hardest one to master. So while Venus Retrograde might bring up some angst and pain, ultimately, we’re on the road to realising some pretty big stuff… Plus I have this Venus Retrograde sat RIGHT on my natal Pluto so I’m hellbent on transforming true love…


    A Virgo’s Guide to Everyday Ritual

    What is it about ritual that we need so desperately? And I’m not talking about the kind of ritual that you might be thinking: all costumes and secrecy and dancing around fires and whatnot, although they can be fun too. What I’m talking about is the little seemingly meaningless things we do every day that help us get by.


    Venus in Libra: Softer Than Satin

    On August 6/7th Venus moves into Libra – a sign she likes verrrry much, so ala the queen of love, money and relationship aesthetics herself, Lana del Rey, here’s my take on the shift complete with matching Lana gifs (I know right, incredible).   Beauty queen style The pro: With all this Venusian energy in the air, we’re bound to get a little boost in the beauty regime. No more pj days for a while (or if you do, you’ll want them in satin and lace baby) – Venus in Libra likes the finer things in life, not only from a superficial point of view, but because it feels good…


    Chiron Retrograde: Awakening the Wounded Healer

    Not another retrograde?! You may cry in dismay, but before you get your pretty little head all in a tizz, I’m here to tell you that retrogrades are actually pretty handy, and in particular Chiron’s retrograde period (till 2019!) is gonna help us to bust some serious blocks, like a planetary Pacman, eating up all our ghosts and helping us find those sweet sweet cherries. So, first up, what IS Chiron? Chiron is actually an asteroid, rather than a planet, and it has a 50 year orbit, so usually, unless it’s well aspected in our charts or we’re having a transit to one of our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury,…


    QUICKIES: Leave Mercury Retrograde Alone

    **QUICKIES are short but sweet truthbombs to satisfy your urge in your tea break**   Mercury Retrograde gets such a bad rep nowadays, it’s like Britney circa 2007: seemingly crazy, totally unpredictable and everybody’s talking about it, BUT in my books, old Merc Ret (does that work, no I don’t think it does…) is actually totally misunderstood (just like poor Britters) and is really here to help us fix up look sharp.   So how the hell do we do that? Well I’m glad you asked, cos it’s time for some tough retrograde love:   🔥 Wake up: this is no time for sleeping and hoping prince charming will come…

  • Aries Season Springtime and Finding Our Flow

    Aries Season, Springtime and Finally Finding Our Flow

    Venus and Mercury have just moved into Aries, finally giving us the kick up the a** we need to turn our thoughts and desires into reality. This is the beginning of spring, the equinox, the time when everything begins anew and the past season’s sleeping and dreaming and planning is turned into action. The year begins now, I bet you’re busting at the seams to finally get going?


    Aquarius Season: Break on Through to the Other Side

    As the Sun and Venus moved over into Aquarius, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. The hype from Capricorn season got my juices flowing, but if anything, I went slower than usual, got less done than I expected and practically floated through January in a confused haze. It was only when I decided to meditate on the changing of the seasons that something twigged: it’s meant to feel like this. We’re planting a seed, not raising a tree yet. Don’t bloom before you bud January, from the point of view of the western seasons, is a time when nature’s groundwork is laid for future growth. Roots keep on digging…


    Venus in Scorpio: Trust in Your Love

    Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow and relationships take on a deep and dark quality. Can you trust the depths of the unknown and give yourself up to the abyss of love? “Flames so hot that they turn blue Palms reflecting in your eyes, like an endless summer That’s the way I feel for you If time stood still I’d take this moment Make it last forever” The depths of love Love is terrifying. There I said it. Love is the single most debilitating emotion we will ever feel, more than sadness, more than grief, love has the ability to completely destroy us, while being the most incredible magical thing that we…


    3 Ways Scorpio in Jupiter Will Rock Your World This Year

    Jupiter is now in Scorpio until November 2018, unlocking our deepest recesses and expanding our self-power so that change and good luck can finally start to roll in. Being regular human people, we tend to go after the same Scorpionic things – power, money, sex and wisdom, since these things all give us a feeling of power. They let us control our surroundings and allow us to reach higher levels of existence using outside forces as stepping stones. Financial power lets us have whatever we want, sexy power lets us have whoever we want and occult power lets us have it all, the secrets of the universe at our very…


    Solar Eclipse in Leo: Roar for Peace

    The Solar Eclipse in Leo falls at 29° Leo on Monday August 21st. The shadow side of leadership is seeping into the collective consciousness and with it, comes a call to arms. Will you wear the crown of peace, or will you continue to lurk in the shadows? This solar eclipse aligns with the brightest star in the Leo constellation, Regulus, which represents a royal kind of pride, but also a turbulent and often violent need to be heard – sound familiar? I’m sure you’re all aware of the horrific events happening in the States right now, and this solar eclipse in Leo is a big one for the US,…

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