Aries Season Springtime and Finding Our Flow

Aries Season, Springtime and Finally Finding Our Flow

Venus and Mercury have just moved into Aries, finally giving us the kick up the a** we need to turn our thoughts and desires into reality. This is the beginning of spring, Aries season, the equinox, the time when everything begins anew and the past season’s sleeping and dreaming and planning is turned into action. The year begins now, I bet you’re busting at the seams to finally get going?

It’s not about January. It’s never been about January

For me, January is always such a misunderstood month. We all get so hyped up with “New Year’s Resolutions”, that when we don’t stick to them, we feel like we’ve failed before the year has even got off to a start (and those of us that are particularly defeatist will even declare the resolution to be null and void already and we might as well just get drunk and eat cake for the rest of the year).

Then, by the time February gets around, we’re all so bloody miserable that we can’t do much else but sit around and complain (I’m a Brit, it’s what we do, just look at our weather and you’ll understand why).

So, March is not only nature’s start of the year, buds budding, lambs leaping and bunny rabbits peddling chocolate eggs, but it’s also our start.

Aries Season Springtime and Finally Finding Our Flow 2The year begins now

The Spring Equinox is around the corner, the point where the days and nights are of equal length. The Sun is back to rule over his kingdom again, and the darkness of winter is finally behind us.

It’s no surprise that we all feel sluggish and slow all throughout winter, it’s naturally, traditionally, energetically, the time to rest and recuperate, hibernate until spring comes, not slam our foot on the accelerator in the hopes that we can get more done in this month than all the other months, despite the fact that it’s never really worked like that before.

And that’s why we always think we’ve failed. We’ve been trying to start at the wrong time. Aries season is the beginning of the zodiac, and it’s now, my friend, that our own beginning has finally come.

So, as Mercury and Venus dance on into springtime, with the Sun soon to follow in a couple of weeks, we’ll feel an opening, a way forward towards the plans we made back in Capricorn season. Our resolutions became roots that began to take hold and spread. We just couldn’t see it yet.

Even the Vogue models can’t see what’s right in front of them!

As it goes for me, I couldn’t see a lot

Back in Capricorn season, I wanted freedom, but I didn’t really know how that would occur. I wanted to move my business forwards, but I couldn’t seem to find a flow.

What I couldn’t see was that I was pushing myself too hard, at the wrong time. I couldn’t see that by the time this Aries season shift happened, I’d be in India again. Living, working and learning.

The “New Year New Me” pressure to get everything going was as strong for me as I’m sure it was for you. I had so many things I’d planned to do, and I fought January’s natural need to hibernate real hard.

So, when a life event like relocating to the other side of the world came, I was thrown. I had to put the hustle on hold, and present life in the forefront.

I rejected and resented this idea so much for so long that it became impossible to do anything.

So caught up in my ideas of what I should be doing (and everything I’m not doing!), I missed out on what was actually happening.

I should have been accepting instead of pushing, and Pisces season whooped my ass as a reminder (no doubt being in India DEFINITELY amplified the spiritual whoopass).

Piscean spiritual whoopass

I started having deja-vu at the times when I was flowing instead of pushing. I’d be sitting there by myself in a café in Goa, laptop in front of me, a chai in my hand, and BAM deja-vu. The universe’s shout-out that bigger things are happening. Shit is going down.

I kept seeing the same repetitive numbers: 111 and 222. A sign from above that I need to do what I’m thinking about and move forwards with trust.

While I was fretting about not writing my regular posts on here instead of soaking up India, or worrying about my absence on social media instead of enjoying people’s company, I was constantly reminded by the strong and kind voice of my Higher Self that things are ok, and that everything will move, naturally, at its own speed.

Now I feel (and the planets agree) that it’s time to switch it up a notch.

Claudia Schiffer for Vogue, grabbing hold of springtime…

Switching it up

We’ve got a couple more weeks of Pisces, before we hit Aries season with a bang, and with Mercury and Venus there already, we’ll start to see things in a different light.

We’ll start looking at what is actually around us right now (I’m in freaking INDIA, wake up Ellie!), instead of focussing on what we want everything to look like (what even is that?).

We’ll feel a shift of our energy from passive to active.

Everything that you’ve been pushing or dreaming is getting ready to sprout, just like the first flowers of spring. It might be a cheesy metaphor, but it’s a good one.

You’ve planted your seeds, watered them, loved them, now they’re gonna start to bloom for you.

If, like me, you’ve been floundering around for a while wondering if you’re going in the right direction and why your hustle is making you feel more ballache than baller, just know that you’re in the right place.

Even if that place is not where you want to be right now, there’s a reason you’re there, the last few seasons have been trying to show you that.

And if you’ve spent the last few months wondering how to get to that somewhere else, you’ll start moving there faster now.

I wanted freedom, I’m now in India. I wanted to move forwards with my business, but actually I needed to work through some stuff first, and trust that it was all silently unfolding below ground, ready for me to take up the reigns come spring.

Spring is now. It all begins here.

What will you be doing?

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