Aries Full Moon: All I See is a Reflection of Me

The Full Moon in Aries happens on September 24th 10:52PM EST / 09:52AM GMT (or if you’re in Asia with me – on 25th September at 09:52AM).

This Full Moon is all about illuminating our inner world so we can trigger change in our outer world. It’s about looking around us, at our relationships, our finances and our experiences and realising that we have the option to transform it all for the better, simply by creating shifts in who we believe we are at our core.

This is big work but I know you guys are brave enough to take it on.

There’s so much going on astrologically with this Full Moon in Aries, it might seem a little chaotic. But, to me, this means it’s a profound time for healing – struggle triggers change and change is always growth! So let’s dive into the chaos and see what we can decipher.


Hello Chiron!

So the first thing about this Full Moon in Aries is the close conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This is all about our past pains. When Chiron makes an entrance, we know that our baggage is gonna get triggered – yikes!

But this isn’t a bad thing, no no no. Chiron is a teacher first and foremost and our past experiences are always there to offer us lessons for the present.

So, during this Full Moon period, you’re likely to be reminded of things that hurt you – past breakups, childhood upsets and issues that you thought were long dead and buried, but if you’re open to the lessons, you can heal some of this baggage and begin to move on from it.


How to do this?

Stay aware of your own emotions.

If you experience fear, resentment, hurt or shame – why? Where did it come from? What triggered it right now and what belief is lurking behind it?

Think about the very first time you experienced that emotion (or what you can remember), put yourself back in those past shoes and then tell yourself that it’s ok to feel that, but you don’t need to carry it around with you anymore.

Imagine hugging your past self, as a child, teenager, whatever, and telling them that everything is gonna be alright, cos all this baggage and pain is actually your gift. It makes you stronger and shapes the person you are now.

Find a way to see the positive in that and celebrate your journey.


Aysche Tiefenbrunner for


T-Square triggers

As we look closer at the chart of this Aries Full Moon, there are some larger patterns at play; in particular, a T-Square.

For the non-astro initiated: A square creates tension that needs to be released in some way, and we have not one but TWO biggies during this Aries Full Moon (I know right, intense).

The first one is a T-Square between the Sun and Mercury, the Moon and Chiron, and Saturn and Vesta. This is about how our connections to others reflect our connection to ourselves.

When we experience rejections from others, we begin to reject that part of ourselves and we create restrictions on how we express ourselves.

To put this practically, if you were ever picked on as a kid for looking a certain way, you no doubt internalised that comment and carried it with you, letting it dictate how you react in the future. Either hiding the feature that brought you shame or highlighting it in a rebellion of sorts.

Then when we’re older, we get into adult relationships and often subconsciously recreate these moments of rejection with others, but on a deeper level, it’s not about them at all. It’s about us.

It’s about giving away our power to an external source, other people, rather than recognising that our relationships reflect how we feel about ourselves.

This Full Moon will bring all this up for you and allow you to see yourself in others – this might be painful, but it can be healed.


What do we do?

With a T-Square, the best way to release the tension it causes is to balance its elemental energy. So, in this one we have fire, air and earth – but no water – this is where the healing lies – in our deepest emotions, our intuition, the soul.

Just like with Chiron, focus on your emotions right now.

It’s so easy nowadays to forget our emotions. We’re all so hellbent on progressing on the material plane that we forget to check in with how we feel. Because of this, tons of us experience random medical symptoms that are actually spiritual symptoms of a sort.

It’s no secret that emotional pain creates physical tension. The inner reflecting in the outer.

For years I suffered with neck pain. Doctors said it was a trapped nerve and left it at that. It wasn’t until I started working on myself energetically – clearing past hurt, recognising current bad patterns of relating, tuning into my Higher Self and allowing myself to feel all my feels, that this “trapped nerve” started to dissipate.

There is a theory that we all have a physical body as well as an “energetic body” and the two are mirrored, so when you have an emotional/energetic wound, your physical body suffers too.

This is not as kooky as it sounds. Science says if you’re under stress, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline – “fight or flight” to help you escape from whatever predator is after you (even if that “predator” is a boss or a breakup, or a nasty comment or a deadline).

If you constantly trigger these responses, eventually your immune system fucks up and you experience all sorts of mystery symptoms – voila you’re sick.

While (quite clearly) I’m no medical expert, it’s obvious that we need to focus more on the inner so that we can heal the outer. Since this T-Square is lacking water, this is a reflection of our own need to look at any emotions trapped beneath the surface that may be affecting everything else.

Ask yourself: how do my past and current relationships reflect my negative beliefs about myself? What, on an inner level, is manifesting itself on the outer?


Karlie Kloss for W Korea –


Square number two!

Another way of balancing a T-Square is to look to the nearest positive aspect, which in this case is linked to…another square. Yes really.

So. Much. Tension.

This is a Grand Square, linked by a trine between the Saturn and Vesta point of T-square number one to Uranus in Taurus in square number 2.

Uranus in Taurus has been much heralded in the world of astrology because it marks the time when, as a collective, we’re going to see shifts in our sense of self-worth, our finances and a redistribution of assets – about time right?

And since this Grand Square is between fixed signs, it doubly enhances these themes.

This Full Moon will have us looking at our foundations. Who we believe ourselves to be and how much that belief is affecting our ability to generate resources.

What’s most interesting in this Grand Square (apart from the fact that it’s rare to have so many larger patterns at one time) is that it includes the nodes of the moon.

For those that are like “slow down Ellie I have no idea what you’re talking about”, the nodes of the moon represent our destinies.

The North Node is our path forwards to spiritual completion and the South Node is what we are meant to grow away from and leave behind us, AND for the past few months, Mars has been consistently bothering the South Node – encouraging us, as a society, to get real, learn our lessons and move the heck forwards, together.

Again, about time right?

So let’s tie all this together: What we have here is a struggle to realise who we are and how we can succeed in the material world.


How to do this?

Take stock of where you are right now in the material world.

Are you happy with your job, home, finances? If not, what can you do about it?

Are you contributing to the collective in some way? And by that, I mean, are you living your highest truth? Are you doing what you’re on this planet to do?  Take some time to think about what lights up your soul the most, and if you could make an income from it.

The world is starting to wake up, you’ve probably noticed already.

More and more people are recognising their true nature and what they have to do on this earth. More and more people are beginning to experience abundance. How can you join in?


Elina Vasilyevna for


It’s always a balancing act

So before I blow your mind with too much information (if I haven’t already- soz guys), let’s take it down a notch.

What we’ve got going on here is a balancing of inner and outer. Again. Always.

We’re highlighting our deepest oldest inner emotions, but also getting real on our outer conditions. Are the two connected? Of course!

Considering we’ve literally just crossed the equinox, where the days and nights are of equal length and themes of balance, harmony and integration are strong af. This Full Moon in Aries couldn’t be more fitting.

As with everything in the spiritual realm, it’s a balancing act.

What we see on the outside represents how we feel on the inside and vice versa.

Relationships with others, our financial security, where we live and what we encounter, is all linked to how we see ourselves on the inside.

So, when we start to heal our inner wounds, we’ll have more energy to change our outer world for the better too.

And when we build more material security around us, our energetic body, with all its fears and doubts, will feel safer and begin to heal even faster.

So I’ll end with a mantra I have stuck to my fridge, to remind me when I get stuck in one dimensional thinking (which as we’ve seen, is an illusion):

“Everything I see is a reflection of me”

Happy Full Moon bright ones,

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