Aquarius Season: Break on Through to the Other Side

As the Sun and Venus moved over into Aquarius, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. The hype from Capricorn season got my juices flowing, but if anything, I went slower than usual, got less done than I expected and practically floated through January in a confused haze.

It was only when I decided to meditate on the changing of the seasons that something twigged: it’s meant to feel like this. We’re planting a seed, not raising a tree yet.

Don’t bloom before you bud

January, from the point of view of the western seasons, is a time when nature’s groundwork is laid for future growth. Roots keep on digging down to find food and the cold branches above harden with frost, ready for the weight of progress to hang from them again.

Nature is opening the way for future responsibilities, she’s setting the stage for abundance, but it’s a slow process, and one we can’t expect to be ready so soon, despite our impatience!

If only I could go back and tell my recent past-self that! We would have had far less January disappointment, and a lot more freaking work done!!

Me 3 weeks ago, ready to take on 2018…

Enter Aquarius season

So now that the Sun and Venus have shifted into Aquarius, the focus is on conjuring the plan and looking to the future. It’s all about change.

We all bang on about welcoming change, but a lot of the time we fail to share that there’s something about it that is simply terrifying.

For instance, me and my partner are getting ready to go back to India to live the digital nomad dream once more. It should be a wondrously exciting time, but instead, we’re freaking the f**k out.

This Aquarian notion of progress may sound all cool and dramatic and exciting. Aquarius is the sign of activism and future growth. Space-age technology and all that good progressive stuff.

Except in order for things to change, other stuff has to die.

So, for us to pack up our stuff and travel to lands afar once more, we have to leave behind friends, family, a stable home, reliable income, possessions, routine, good internet connectivity, clean drinking water. You catch my drift.

In the face of gigantic change, all those things look ten times more scary than they should do.

We should be focusing on the epic adventures we’ll share, or the fact that we’ll feel instantly happier with the sheer amount of vitamin D on offer.

We should be “welcoming the change with open arms”, just like all the inspirational quotes and self-proclaimed gurus of the interwebz tell us, but it doesn’t alter the fact that frankly, we’re shit-scared.

Even the strongest get scared sometimes…


When Aquarius season hits the west, the early bulbs are getting ready to peek their heads above earth, braving the chilly air in order to grow, and this, for me, says so much about our willingness for change (or rather: reluctance).

When we resist the change, we just can’t grow, because growth requires a certain amount of bravery. Your ego doesn’t want change, because it doesn’t like risk.

Avoiding risk is avoiding change

True, you might fuck up. If you’re a daffodil bulb or a tree bud, you might peek too early and get frostbitten, or you could leave it too late and miss out on that vital photosynthesis time.

The same goes for me and my beau. If we stay in the UK out of fear of change, we’ll miss the glorious high season down in Goa, and get stuck in the rut another year.

By risking the stability of your current state, you’re “putting your head above the parapet”, standing out, swapping safety for something else that you can’t fully see yet. It’s mind-blowingly frightening.

And that’s why it’s something that not everyone does in life. Most people just plod along hoping that change steers clear, so they can stay safe down in the dark and never grow.

So, if you’ve got this far to even plan for change, you’re way ahead of the pack. Props to you, you’re a wicked brave pioneer.

Embracing change is damn hot…


On our end, we spent six months doing the average life stuff (and hated it), and found that actually, whatever change brings, it can only go up from here.

But equally, we needed this time to figure out what that plan was; what we wanted from the future.

We discovered that being in the UK just wasn’t what we wanted right now, and we put some plans together to get what we needed.

So, now that we’ve figured out the plan over Capricorn season, Aquarius is here to offer us all the bravery to put our plans into motion. You too.

However, this takes some seriously kick-ass confidence (which I most definitely lack at times, as I’m sure you probably do too).

Owning confident change

To actively welcome in change, you leave your identity up for grabs.

Change doesn’t just make the stuff around us different, it shifts our inner world too. We become a whole new person in the process, and if you’re not up for a new identity, change will evade you.

We can sit and moan all day long about how we want our lives to look different, but if we don’t take the leap and embrace the unknown, we won’t allow those scary doors to open.

But on the same token, if we push it too fast down the route we think we’re meant to go, we miss out on the subtle shift and flux that can take you somewhere far different than you first planned, but which ends up all the more exciting for its strangeness.

There’s a certain kind of regality in nature’s ability to sense when to take the next step, this calm knowing composure, a trust that everything is going to plan, and that’s why I find astrology such a fantastic tool for knowing where the heck I’m at.

Time to call your astrologer, Captain America

So where are we at?

Well, it’s not the endpoint, I’ve realised that now.

Yet we’re past planning now, and ready for action. We just need to take that first tentative step forward, no matter how frosty or foreign it all might seem.

If you’ve recently been feeling the same: that desperate push towards your goals followed by a slump of confusion and fear, don’t fret, you’re in the right place.

You just have to stick to the plan.

Poke your head above ground, regardless of the risk, and follow nature’s lead.

Your future can be seen in the present. What you do now will enable you to reach that leafy abundant place that Capricorn season promised for the future. It might just take a while longer than you first expected.

And don’t lose hope in 2018 yet, this WILL be a year for progress.

Saturn in Capricorn will ensure that we continue to achieve our dreams, and dedicate ourselves to something bigger, but for now we need to be patient and follow through on the baby steps.

It might not all make sense yet, but that’s part of the pull of change – you never know where you might end up, but if you’re putting in the work, it can only be somewhere mighty delicious.

I’ll be there, terrified, yet throwing myself into the unknown and trusting what the universe has in store for me.

I hope you’ll join me there in that great icy but promising void…




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