cosmic thinking for mystic misfits

👽 Greetings Earthlings! 👽

I’m Ellie Rose, the head UFO around here.

I’m a travel writer turned astrologer, turned traveling astrologer. I coach people to make the most of their freakiness and live a life powered by rocket fuel and dreams.

The best kinds of people are weirdos. We’re the ones who will save the world, but first we have to work on our confidence.

This site is filled with juicy tips on how to be yourself, bring more magic into your life and succeed at the crazy, epic, ambitiously awesome stuff you told yourself is way beyond you. Cos it’s closer than you think! 🛸💕




Need some help lifting off?

Let me push you beyond your limits...

The limit does not exist – no truer words spoken – thanks Mean Girls.

I KNOW you know that you have more potential inside you, more fuel for your proverbial fire, it’s just that society and stuff has made us scared and soft, confused about who we are. YOU ARE FREAKING COSMIC. You have something no one else has. I can help you find it.

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