👽 Greetings Earthlings! 👽

We live on a planet where loving yourself is a rebellious act. Believing in magic and breaking the mould is seen as kooky and doing things your way is far from the norm.

But what is your way? And how can you live it? It’s not easy, but divination can give you some clues…

I’m Ellie Rose, the head UFO around here and your personal guide to the stars, cards, signs and shifts. I’m like an oracle of sorts, except I tell you how to actually apply the mysteries in a practical (and fun!) way.

So, come join me for planetary magic, rebellious acts of individuality and all sorts of juicy tips on how to live an extraordinary life filled with love and light, right here on planet earth.🛸💕




Need some help lifting off?

Let me push you beyond your limits...

The limit does not exist – no truer words spoken – thanks Mean Girls.

Where have you found your limit? In love, work, life? Sometimes it helps to have someone show you what’s really going on and suggest a clearer path ahead. I could be that someone! I use a combo of astrology, tarot and coaching to help you see things from a new angle. Wanna find out more?

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