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7 Things Magical People Do Every Day

What do you deem a “magical person” to be? To me, it’s someone who brims with positive power, someone with luck, vitality and spirit in spades, a true individual who lets wonder guide them in this amusing game called life. But how does one lead such a charmed life? They’re certainly not born with it, in fact it’s just a mind-set that anyone can cultivate, if they know how…


Have you ever been around someone who just exudes positivity? They seem to have it all; a good job, great relationships, successful projects – things just seem to go right for them at every turn. Well that’s often because they believe that everything will go their way.

These positive people make their own luck by believing that they can get that great job, great guy, great life. They not only believe in these individual events, they also believe in magic, miracles and good luck, and most importantly they believe in themselves.

When you start to trust in the wonder of the universe, you can worry less and hope more, you free yourself up to believe in yourself, making you more confident at getting the things you want in life – it’s a chain reaction which all starts with believing that everything is going to be ok and the universe has your back.


When I say ‘ritual’ I don’t mean you have to don a cloak and chant Latin while pacing clockwise around an oak tree at midnight, what I mean is giving meaning to your life by performing certain actions.

Ritual doesn’t have to be fancy, life is already full of ritual that we barely pay attention to – showering in the morning, choosing to sit around a dinner table or kiss your partner when leaving for work, these are all forms of everyday ritual that most of us aren’t even aware of.

Whether it’s wearing a lucky colour to interviews, a salute to a magpie, a trip to your favourite park when you’re feeling down, people who regularly engage in personal ritual tend to have a greater connection with the world around them, and thus feel more secure and confident to go about their daily lives, creating magic wherever they tread.

You don't have to dance around a fire to bring ritual into your life, though it's certainly fun.
You don’t have to dance around a fire to bring ritual into your life, though it’s certainly fun.

Keep Secrets

Everyone knows that special feeling you get when someone trusts you with a secret, well you can do that for yourself.Magical people are often full of mystery – like they’re secretly amused about something and having a right old good time, all by themselves.

Foster the idea that you don’t have to tell everyone everything, in fact it gives you more personal power to keep some things under your hat.

Good deeds in particular are a great way of harbouring exciting secrets. Get that homeless guy a coffee and don’t tell a single soul about it, it might be hard, but it will make you feel all sparkly on the inside, and no one will ever know why.

Give Love

With great risk of sounding like a broken record, giving does indeed lead to happiness, and while it’s of course important to give to others (see above point), the type of giving we often miss out on is the kind where we’re the recipient.

If you want to be that person who attracts positivity and love with every step, you must start by giving it to yourself.

Pay yourself compliments, pat yourself on the back when you’ve done well, give yourself a mental hug and a kind word when you’re feeling down.

In the wise words of RuPaul “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Be Alone

So many of us are scared of being by ourselves, and while loneliness is a real downer, taking time to yourself every day is vitally important.

Being a social creature takes its toll and alone time gives us a chance to recharge our batteries and reflect on the things we really want to be focussing on.

Whether it’s in meditation, writing in your journal, having a bath or just taking a walk, alone time can open up doors inside yourself that lead to all sorts of wondrous ideas and directions.


As we grow older, play is seen as an unnecessary and childish endeavour that should be left behind us, but this is a damaging belief which can hold us back from happiness.

You only have to watch your kids or pets at a game of chase to see that play is a fantastic way to let your hair down and lift the weight from your oh-so grownup shoulders.

Magical people understand that the inner child needs to be fed. They incorporate play into their everyday lives, whether it’s indulging in silliness, making a den or having a giggle to yourself when you trip over on the bus. A playful mind is a magical one, see the funny side of life and everything gets a little brighter.

Be Yourself

Don’t ever change or tone yourself down for anyone. Your personal tastes and complexities, strengths and weaknesses are what make you original, and when someone is true to themselves, it is dazzling and blindingly magnetic.

Dress, talk, act and live as your truest and most potent self. This is the top secret of the most magical people.

Your individuality is your number one source of magical power – unleash it and let it soar.





What do you do to increase your own personal kind of magic?


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