5 Magical Things We Can Learn from the Magpie

Hands up who loves a magpie? These clever little birds hide a whole host of quirky traits beneath their flamboyant feathers, and some of them are just brimming with magical energy.

If you’re into esoteric symbolism like me, you’ll know that every animal, plant and tree has its own set of correspondences and the magpie is a particularly powerful sign from nature that we can harness for our own self-improvement, whether that’s a little ego boost or a spooky prediction for your future…

1. You can use magpies as a type of folk divination.

Us Brits have an odd superstition surrounding the magpie. According to a cute little rhyme (see right) dating back to 18th Century England, the number of magpies you see can determine your fortune.

“One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told”

In England, these little feathered friends are a pretty common sight and while we don’t take their divination as gospel (only you can determine your future – not cards, planets or birds) it’s not uncommon to see someone saluting a lone magpie to keep the prediction of sorrow at bay!

So when you see a magpie next, take note if he’s hanging with his pals or flying solo – this could give you a little insight into what the universe has next in store for you!



2. Magpies aren’t afraid to be fabulous.

Just look at that plumage, the magpie is one glamorous bird and like the exhibitionist she is, you’ll often find her showing off her shimmering feathers to the world.

We can take a leaf (or feather) out of the magpie’s book by learning to accept ourselves as we are and not fearing what others think. Wear whatever you want, be loud, be different, be brave – you’ll find yourself ever more powerful as a result.

“I don’t care if pearls are out, I’m rocking it”

3. They teach us to work together and communicate openly.

Magpies are very communicative and their loud and brash birdsong is instantly recognisable and hard to ignore. Once they’ve attracted a mate, these little guys stay together for life and the males and females work together as equals to build nests and protect their young.

In Korean folklore, the magpie is a symbol of good luck and seeing one means you’ll soon be inviting a new friend into your life, just remember to speak your mind and work with others to unleash your full potential.

4. The magpie encourages us to get spiritual.

Magpies typically build their nests in dense “V” shaped branches. When you see these forks or “V” shapes in nature it’s said that they’re a gateway into the spirit realm.

Since the magpie chooses to live with one foot in the spirit realm, we can assume that she’s a pretty open minded birdie. We can use this symbolic idea to question our own spiritual beliefs and work towards opening our own spiritual gateways and letting a bit more magic into our everyday lives.



5. Being able to adapt is the secret to success.

Magpies are one of the most common birds in Britain and you’ll find them all over the world, from the most rural countryside to the depths of the inner city.

Being omnivores, magpies will eat pretty much anything and despite their scavenger status, have even been seen taking down other birds for food if needs be. Though shy by nature, they’re often cocky and territorial in cities, making do with what’s around them in order to succeed; a valuable skill we can adopt for our own success.

6. The magpie is strong and fearless.

Native American folklore describes the magpie as a bold and fearless bird, and wearing a magpie feather is a sign of bravery in some tribes.

You can try this yourself on days you need a little confidence. Create a ritual or a spell around a magpie feather (or meditate on an image if you can’t find one) and channel this feisty energy into your own work for a boost of go-get-em bravery.

So there you have it – a feathery symbol for your spiritual activities – sign up for more totems and tricks to get you in the practical magic mood!





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