3 Ways Scorpio in Jupiter Will Rock Your World This Year

Jupiter is now in Scorpio until November 2018, unlocking our deepest recesses and expanding our self-power so that change and good luck can finally start to roll in.

Being regular human people, we tend to go after the same Scorpionic things – power, money, sex and wisdom, since these things all give us a feeling of power. They let us control our surroundings and allow us to reach higher levels of existence using outside forces as stepping stones.

Financial power lets us have whatever we want, sexy power lets us have whoever we want and occult power lets us have it all, the secrets of the universe at our very fingertips. No wonder people say Scorpios are intense and mysterious!

So, what specifically can we expect from this Jupiter-Scorpio tryst?

1. Cold Hard Cash Monies

Sounding good already, huh? Yup, Jupiter in Scorpio could see your bank balance looking a little healthier over the next year, but before you get too carried away and start planning that trip to Aruba, you should know that Jupiter in Scorpio’s flavor of money luck might not be what you quite expect.

Scorpio rules over taxes, inheritances and debt – basically all the icky nasty money stuff we don’t like talking about or dealing with. True to Scorpio style, these types of finance are the things that hold power over us and therefore the things we tend to hide from and repress.

Personally, I hate doing and paying my taxes, as I’m sure you do too, it’s never nice to hand over a large sum of your hard-earned cash. Being in debt makes me feel like I have no control over my life, trapped in a quicksand of lack, and inheritance, while being a financial gain on one hand, usually implies the loss of somebody close to you on the other.

So, none of these are actually much fun. Thanks dear Scorpio!

HOWEVER, Jupiter is all about fun. Being the planet of luck, and nicknamed the Greater Benefic in classical astrology, Jupiter brings abundant blessings and expansive growth.

Whether this abundance materializes in big juicy tax returns (yes please), bigger credit card bills (hell no) or rich dead relatives (umm) just can’t be predicted (thank God) and so much of the material outcome will depend on how Jupiter aspects our personal birth charts, our own choices, completely random uncontrollable events, plus a little bit of fate.

But since I believe astrology mostly describes our inner world (which then in turn affects the outer), for me, this coming year of Jupiter in Scorpio will encourage us to open up those scary financial files and take a good look inside.

Finding out why we feel so uncomfortable around these areas of life are key to challenging the negative money mindset we hold around them.

What’s your story surrounding taxes, debt and inheritance? As a child did you see your parents struggle with debt? Did you lose someone you loved and have to deal with the guilt of receiving their worldly earnings? What about in the present? Do you struggle to save for your taxes every year? Why?

As Jupiter represents our Higher Self and the pursuit of wisdom, these questions can finally be approached in the coming year and finding answers can bring about positive change in our financial dealings.

Once we challenge our mindset around money lack, we’ll begin to create tiny subconscious changes in our financial dealings and unlock our ability to make cold hard cash rain down like a monsoon in Monaco.

Or was it Aruba? You pick. 😉


2. Sexy Hot Fun Times

Scorpio rules over all things sexy, not in a romantic Libran or Leonine way, but sexy in a primal hot dark passionate way. Like the kind of Plutonian sexy found in the Lord of the Underworld’s smut dungeon. Stuff that would make Venus blush. Filthy, powerful, animalistic.

Ok? Ok.

Now the reason that Scorpio comes with this extra layer of kink is due to the underlying elements of secrecy and power. Scorpio is the sign that most values power, it represents the drive we have to keep the deepest parts of ourselves under wraps; not revealing anything and therefore staying in control.

This can be seen by others as a dominating force, and certainly, Scorpio is a dominant, if not overpowering sign at times, but the real motive behind this mask of power is insecurity.

Watery Scorpio is so deep that it fears rejection should its most sensitive urges be found out. It hides behind a sting in the tail, projecting a persona of mystery and intensity, when really the scorpion is just scared of being crushed by negative judgement.

Because of this, there must be great trust before secrets are shared, otherwise Scorpio fears a loss of power. When power is lost, the scorpion can’t control his surroundings and his safety is jeopardized.

No doubt we can all relate to the fear of being exposed for our deepest desires and rejected based on their inadequacy. We wonder if we are too much for the other person, yet we yearn to let them into our abyss. And this is where shame comes in.

No, no shame at all please

Sex and shame go hand in hand. You don’t have to look far to see it: in churches, strip clubs and teenage boys’ bedrooms, on bus stop posters and third dates, in locker rooms and on mornings after, when a woman is experienced or when a man isn’t.

There are very few of us that are so relaxed about the act of “doing it” that we can say we’ve never felt even a twinge of cringe in that department.

We’re constantly worried about having our naked selves rejected but there is a great power in sexual liberation, some might even call it magical. Once we lift the shackles of our shameful repressions, we free ourselves from mental slavery and give ourselves untapped energy, attractiveness and charm.

And this is where Jupiter comes along.

Oh Jupiter, Great Benefactor, Jovial Lord, Liberator of Shame, relinquish us of our human modesty and allow us to plumb the depths of Lord Pluto’s smut dungeon and free ourselves, naked and chained, naked and chained by our shame. Oh Jupiter!


Over the next year, let Jupiter take you on a kinky journey of discovery into the parts of you that you’d rather pretend aren’t there. If you felt uncomfortable reading any of that, you need this especially (don’t worry, I’ll help you out with some more discomforting sexual analogies before the end).

No human should feel shame over sex. It is as natural as a tree or a bird or a pair of birds fucking in a tree, and yet we have become embarrassed and offended, getting more triggered by mentions of fucking than of fighting.

If sex were treated like the natural beautiful act it is, instead of a taboo that must be repressed, perhaps we would see fewer sexual crimes, more gender equality and less despair around the topic.

The thing is, repression works its way out eventually and in weird ways. Just look at Japan, a pretty sexually repressed culture. Does it create a balanced society? Not really. They invent tentacle porn and robot sex dolls and have to build female-only train carriages in cities because men won’t stop groping the women. (disclaimer: I have no beef against Japan, I lived there and love the country and its wonderful people, the sexually repressed stuff however is not so wonderful).

I was going to include a picture of tentacle porn here but I think that’s a google search you can do at your own peril…

If the entire human population was liberated of its shame, no doubt we would see a huge shift in the way we all treat each other. We’d be more relaxed, more open and accepting and less willing to use sex as a weapon, or something to be offended by.

But I don’t need to tell you all the reasons why our current societal views on sex are failing, you probably already know. This isn’t a lecture.

What this is, is an invitation to let Jupiter guide you, over the coming year, into the underworld of your deepest desires and netherly-regioned instincts, so that you can allow yourself these earthly human pleasures without needing to feel control.

It’s here in these animalistic depths that you can learn to become free from shame and magically liberated, bringing all kinds of abundance into your life, sexual and otherwise.

Now that sounds pretty damn awesome.


3 Trippy Spooky Death Stuff

If you’re still with me at this point, I would like to offer my friendship, you’re my kinda folk, and I’m psyched to tell you the next bit:

Scorpio represents death.


But before you conjure images of the Grim Reaper with his scythe and black-eyed horse, we’re talking the kind of death that actually means ‘transformation’.

Tarot 101 will tell you that the death card doesn’t really mean you’re going to die. It is purely symbolic and means the death of one chapter of your life and the beginning of a new.

So, in true Jupiterian style, we can expect some BIG changes over the next year.  For some, that will be great news, others not so.

Many of us are terrified of change. We resist it so hard that we block ourselves from receiving good stuff. We cling to the present, or our idea of the present, and shut out all other options, because who knows what change will bring? Maybe it will be worse than what we have now, maybe we won’t survive.

But we cannot grow unless we change. Standing still with our finger on the pause button only causes stagnancy and nothing new grows in stagnant water (except maybe manky things like mould and flies, and nobody wants that).

Death is just another thing that we fear because we don’t have any control over it. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and I would never even see it coming (pun intended).

Amongst the icky money stuff and the cringey sex stuff, sits the terrifying death stuff. Nobody likes to talk about death (well I do but I’m a bit of a weirdo like that) and just one mention of it can silence a room or upset your guests (I know, I’ve been there).

It’s the not knowing that gets us. This impending doom that everything will end at some point. But it’s a given, the only real guarantee we have, and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can relax and enjoy the ride, and the same goes for all our ‘mini deaths’ we experience throughout our lives.

The death of a relationship, the death of a hobby, the death of an apartment or family home, the death of who we are, before we become someone else.

The one thing all these life changes have in common is the death of some part of our ego. If Scorpio is about control, then the ego is a Scorpio.

When we change paths in life, the old ego dies and a new one is born. The old ego doesn’t want this and so it does everything in its power to prevent it. Subconsciously we are fighting against our own growth.

A new way of life requires our ego to let go of control over the situation, to admit that it doesn’t know what will happen and that it may not survive the transition.

But as soon as we open our arms to the harbinger of change, new exciting things WILL happen. Sure, some bad stuff might come along the way too, but I’d be very surprised if you haven’t already experienced bad stuff at some point in your life? So, really, what have you go to lose?

If you’re open to this change, Jupiter will be shining a light onto the death drive for the next year and if you play your cards right and face the Grim in all his gory glory, you might just be rewarded with a new awesome way of life.

Now doesn’t that sound grand?

Thought so.

So, how can we bump up the power over the next year?


Working with Jupiter in Scorpio

If you’re up for some freaky abundant ritual work – now is the time to do it.

Choose an auspicious day to work with old papa Jupiter – a day when Jupiter is in a positive aspect (trines and sextiles are particularly nice!) with your natal Sun, Moon or Venus is perfect (find this out here), or just do your workings on a Thursday, which is named after Thor, the Norse God equivalent of Jupiter.


Journalling, dancing, being sexy and free, flirting with boys, flirting with girls, flirting with death, enjoying taxes, taking out a new credit card without cringing, seducing someone like the hot sexy badass you are, buying that insanely beautiful bag/crystal/car/book you’ve been wanting, calling your crush, wearing whatever the fuck you want, doing something that scares you, trying a new hobby, talking to ghosts, learning to striptease, letting yourself feel all the feels, screaming into the night, doing something that would shock your mum, buying scratch cards, putting yourself first, living without fear.


Try this expansive meditation, listen to this prosperity music or practice this eastern meditation technique – try doing your chosen method once a week and watch that prosperity start to shoot up.

Dedicate your altar to Jupiter with:

  • The colours blue, purple and green
  • Crystals like amethyst, agate and lapis lazuli
  • Crystals representing wealth like citrine, aventurine and green jade
  • Silver coins, money in general
  • Sage
  • Wheel of Fortune or Temperance tarot cards
  • Pictures of any other Jupiter gods (Thor, Zeus, Vishnu, Amun, Archangel Sachiel, Agda etc.)
  • Representations of eagles or dolphins
  • Anything made of tin
  • Walnuts
  • The numbers 4 and 2

If you don’t want to alter your altar (aha), you can also put any of these items into a lucky charm or mojo bag and keep it with you for good luck.

Light some incense or a candle regularly over your altar/charm bag, or while you practice your chosen meditation and watch the good luck roll in.

Happy Jupiter blessings to you!

May your year ahead be abundant and free from shame!

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