20 Questions for Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo is a reminder to take care of ourselves. So many of us spiritual folk tend to be empathetic to a fault, that fault being that we give and we give until we’ve nothing left for ourselves, yet we don’t even realise it, we just feel flat and confused, like the last balloon at a party, trying to keep the vibes high at the expense of our rapidly deflating power.

And the suckiest part about it is that this particular fault mostly affects us.

Sure, eventually other people will start to notice that we’re not our cheery, affirmative selves, saying yes with a smile, and then they might suffer a little too – waiting for us when we’re late (because we’re rushing around), not getting their reply/dinner/visit/favour/birthday message on time or at all (again, due to our already endless obligations) or feeling like we’re not really listening (we honestly try but sometimes our focus is frazzled).

What usually happens, in my experience, is that when we’re tasked to stay on the back foot of our own needs, instead, swaying to the needs of others, we get tired, and when we’re tired, it’s our ourselves we abandon first.

If the world was a sinking ship, we’d load up the lifeboats and wave them all off to shore while knee deep in saltwater and sharks.

And this doesn’t just have to be about “doing stuff” for people. It can be the many times we bite our tongues when someone says something unconsciously hurtful, or the way we’ll dance to the tune of the loudest piper in the room – just to get along.




Because we’re sensitive, we sense that these people don’t know the effect of their actions, and because we’re empathetic, we have the empathy to understand that they hurt too.

Except eventually it becomes a curse, because a lot of people won’t do the same for us. When we let a colleague lash out because she’s having a bad day, only for her to then make a joke about our lack of enthusiasm or complain that we’re not fully present, it feels unfair. We feel used and tired, we feel weak.

Except it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength. Some call it “people pleasing”, it can be, but it’s mostly a reaction to a world where people aren’t always sensitive to other’s needs.

On a planet where the Kardashians reign and networking is everything, it’s little wonder we tuck away the softer parts of ourselves in exchange for an armour made of compliance and charm.

But we can be both sensitive yet self-aware, able to give and also receive. We don’t have to set ourselves on fire to keep other people warm.


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20 Questions for Virgo Full Moon

So for this Full Moon, I’ve compiled a set of 20 questions for empaths, spiritual seekers and women alike to ask themselves. I hope they help you to identify your needs as they have me.

If you want to use them as writing prompts, even better, but just giving yourself this time to think of the answers is enough. You deserve it.



  1. What do you feel in your body right now?
  2. Do you physically need something? Food, water, sleep, exercise, a stretch, a deep breath?
  3. How does your breathing feel? Watch it for a moment and see.
  4. Where do you often feel pain? Could this be a reflection of something else?
  5. What do you mentally need? To switch off, create, indulge, communicate, play, be still?



  1. You can choose 3 people to gift a million pounds to – who and why?
  2. If you could have all the time in the world, what would you do?
  3. If you only had one week left on earth, what would you do?
  4. What’s stopping you from doing these things now?
  5. Who is stopping you from doing these things now?



  1. What are your favourite qualities about yourself?
  2. How do you think the following people would describe you: your best friend / your mother / your boss / your partner or ex / a stranger.
  3. When are you at your happiest? How can you make more of this?
  4. What is your deepest fear? Where has this come from?
  5. If you were a close friend, what advice would you give to yourself?



  1. What do you do most for others? Are you happy to do this?
  2. Who in your life makes you feel safe, happy and appreciated? Why?
  3. Who in your life makes you feel drained or unsure? Why?
  4. Recently, what actions or words have upset you? How did you react?
  5. What do each of these words mean to you: “responsibility” / “power” / “family” / “duty” / “love”


If you really want to activate the Full Moon powers, write these out and bury them somewhere to let go of any unhelpful mindsets you uncover, or tie them with a green, pink or brown ribbon and keep them somewhere safe.


Happy Full Moon you sensitive souls,

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