11 Ways to Boost Your Witchy Powers

So you’re already pretty intuitive, but how can you boost your witchy powers to the point of actually manifesting the things you want? These are my 11 favourite ways to enhance your spiritual prowess and get you feeling like a goddess almighty.


1. Meditate

This one’s a no-brainer. When you meditate regularly you clear your mind of waffle, fluff and ego babble, making way for clarity and connection to the divine.

The famous magician, Aleister Crowley, talked about the need for a “united will” for magic to be successful and meditation can help you learn about where your will is divided. Then, once you’re aware of these deeper personal issues that keep you from getting what you want, you can start working with them, rather than having them sabotage you from the shadows.


2. Write

Speaking of united wills and shadow selves, writing is perhaps one of the most helpful practices for a would-be witch to get to know herself and her craft.

I’m not saying you have to be Shakespeare or even write something that others will ever read, but keeping notes about your day to day feelings, your spiritual experiences, dreams and magical workings will not only show you what worked and what didn’t but will also start to reveal patterns and a map of your own personal symbolism.



3. Cleanse

When we’re constantly plugging into the source, sometimes we can start to feel drained, and my favourite way to recharge is to take a long shower, go for a swim or just drink a big glass of delicious h20.

When I was living in Rishikesh, India, one of the spiritual practices there is to take a dip in the River Ganga, which I did regularly (don’t worry it’s perfectly clean up there in the mountains!). Afterwards, I always felt cleansed and full of life. Positive things would happen, and I’d truly feel blessed.

But you don’t have to go dipping in holy rivers to be blessed by water! It’s actually all about belief. Just let the water wash over you and imagine being healed and rejuvenated, even washing your hands can cleanse and heal, if you intend it!


4. Connect

Rather than clearing our minds like in meditation, now we’re gonna fill it up with good stuff. Connecting to the source can look like going out into nature, listening to a song that makes you feel all your feels, eating something that fills you up and makes you happy, or chatting with a friend about all sorts of philosophical nonsense.

Connecting with the material things that light you up will boost your powers and ground you when you need it.



5. Intend

This is a complicated one, and something that we covered briefly in the first point. When you intend something to happen, there’s often a lot of other intentions going on too. This is what I was talking about with the “united will”. For example, if you’re trying to manifest love, yet you have a subconscious belief that you don’t deserve love, it’ gonna struggle to find you.

BUT this will come in time and practice. Try and figure out what your REAL intentions are for your magical workings and go with those instead. So if you’re manifesting money, are you actually after security? Comfort? Luxury? Why? Try and dig deeper into your intentions and you’ll find things start to go your way a lot more.


6. Practice

Practice makes perfect! Of course, we all know this, but a lot of the time we’re impatient and we want to skip a bunch of steps, BUT with magic, the practice can be a ton of fun.

Try manifesting something small, like a chocolate bar or a kind word, and see how it comes about. Then write it in your journal and see how it comes. Keep moving up to bigger and better, always stay aware – you’re manifesting ALL THE TIME, and never give up.



7. Channel

Here we’re connecting with our Higher Self, cos essentially that’s whose granting you these “wishes”, not some fairy godmother!

You can do this in so many ways – automatic writing, tarot cards, crystals, meditation and visualisation etc etc etc. Try and listen out to any messages or synchronicities you encounter on your daily grind. Seeing repeated numbers, symbols or hearing the same tune on the radio? You’re channelling higher wisdom baby, so take note and follow the signs.


8. Release

Despite having a clear intention, it helps to release any attachment you have to the outcome. This may sound contradictory, but it can be as simple as trying to manifest some money but as soon as you’re done with the workings, forgetting all about it and not trying to think of the ways in which it will come to you.

Magic has funny ways of reaching you, and it won’t always be in the way you think. For example, my friend was recently frustrated with her new neighbour and wanted the situation to change, when she came back from her holiday, her ceiling had fallen in and her landlord moved her into another house – thus eliminating her annoying neighbour – but not in the way she’d imagined!

Magic works in funny ways. Release control, because it’s just an illusion.



9. Accept

Similarly, accepting that the universe has your back is one powerful way to make sure it delivers. If you keep doubting your ability to manifest things, they ain’t gonna show up.

This can also go for the times when you want something reeeeally bad and it just doesn’t happen. This is often because the universe has decided it’s not in your best interest.

So, say you’re trying to get the attention of some guy and he just ISN’T RESPONDING, perhaps there’s a good reason, perhaps he’s a dick?

The universe ALWAYS has your back. It always knows what’s best, so accept that sometimes it knows better than you do and you’ll find life a lot easier.


10. Strive

Doubly similar is the ability to aim high. So rather than taking my last point to the extreme and sitting back waiting for the universe to deliver everything into your lap, take some responsibility for the things you CAN take the responsibility for – like working hard, being brave and confident and never giving up.

Use your God-given earthly powers to do as much as you possibly can, while the divine takes care of the rest.



11. Learn

Never stop learning – your spiritual evolution will never be finished. Soak up as much knowledge as you can, delve into books and traditions, listen to others, pay attention to yourself and the world around you, keep an open mind always and constantly tweak your beliefs.

Knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more power you’ll have, and the more things will seem to fit together and make sense. This is the true path of a witch – you’re a scholar of life, and what a wonderful mission to embark on!

Happy levelling up lovelies!

Let me know if you want extra help – I’m here with astrology, coaching and a ton of personal inner revelations when it comes to this stuff!






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