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I use divination to guide people towards cosmic love, passion and joy.

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I'm Ellie Rose

I'm Ellie Rose

I’m Ellie Rose and I’m an Oracle. I channel guidance from the Goddess to help women find their inner power, their soulmate and their true path.


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Find your cosmic love 𓆚

Relationship blues? Seeking your soulmate? Twin flame headache? Get some clarity.

My own path to love has been long and winding, with plenty of horrors along the way.

But everything changed after I took a dip in a holy river. The Goddess herself claimed my path as hers and sent me on a mysterious quest for cosmic love.

I found that the more I followed the divine signs & synchronicities, the better I was at reading astrology, tarot and anything else I could get my hands on.

I surrendered to the will of the Goddess and I found my way to a life (and a love!) that is full of joy and magic. You can too!

I'm ready to receive
Find your cosmic love 𓆚

Walk your sacred path

Where are you going? Who’s coming with you? All of us have a “sacred path”, something only for us, but it’s hard to see clearly. I’ve studied signs, omens, “messages from above”, I can help you follow yours too.

My eyes are open

Embark on a vision quest

Career questions? Confused about where you’re heading in life? Want to work for yourself but no idea how?

Let’s ask divine what she wants of you. Tap into your own magic. Show you a vision of your future that lights you up inside.

I can help you with branding this vision, painting the colours of your soul onto your next adventure. Let’s make your life 100% you.

I have the power
Embark on a vision quest


“Love, trust and fun”

Ellie has done many sessions for me and every time I felt I was unfolding something important which was inside myself and needed a push to come up or reinforcing a feeling I already had. The messages resonate with me and when they don’t right away, they will (I experienced understanding a couple of them a few months later). I like the fact she explains the tarots to you so you can have a better understanding and you are more involved in the process. She is very patient and loving and, big plus, also really funny so I usually end up laughing a lot which helps to gain some lightness, so important in life!
Thank you so much!

Elena Mazzeschi
“You’re Amazing”

Thank you so much! I really loved this session. All of it resonated and most of it I also knew. I guess I always need confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. I kind of wish it has been harsher haha but I guess that goes in hand with what you said about re-thinking my feelings. Thank you also for relating to it because I kind of felt silly getting advice. Thank you!! You’re amazing.

Arianna D.
“Clear the fog”

I am lucky enough to have Ellie draw my Natal chart for me. Ellie was great at answering all my questions, looking back some of them were really naive as I didn’t really understand all the terms, but she never made me feel stupid and always answered them graciously.
I was shocked by how much I can learn about my self and my path from the planets and I have become a lot more aware, this is definitely inspired by Ellie’s contagious passion for the subject.
I also have regular Tarot readings from Ellie, she is always clear and concise. What I love the most about Tarot is ‘it teaches us what we already know’, her readings always clear the fog for me, and when I don’t take the advice from the cards I generally end up kicking myself for it!
I truly appreciate Ellie’s gift, not only Astrology and Tarot but also her communication style and her love for life. I would be quite lost without her and kicking myself a lot more!

Heidi Ji


𓁿 You can be an oracle too 𓁿

Tired of not getting what you want? My free 4-page guide will teach you 11 ways to amp up your witchy powers, so you can start weaving magic, seeing the signs and manifesting your dreams.

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𓁿 You can be an oracle too 𓁿

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